Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Empty. Or Maybe Not.

There's not a lot going on upstairs for me today.

I'm just sort of staring at this window, the page, opening and closing other tabs around it. 

Girl Scout Cookies are done. 


I still have a few final boxes to deliver. I'll get there, though.

Mud Run this weekend. 

Holy cow. Crap. Sh!t. 

THIS weekend. 


I know, right? 

The other night bringing our dog Bella up I fell. I smash-landed right on my right knee. It hurt like HELLO. It's still slightly sore. But I plan to persevere and continue on. 

While covered in mud. 


I'm not a mud person. 

I mean, I like sand between my toes and all. And even more when it's wet sand. 

But mud? 

Yeah. Nah.

I'm excited, though. It's one of my #lifelist items. I have to finish it, because I doubt I'm going to sign up for another one once I make it through this one. Or so I think. 

Wanna see the course deets? Go Dirty and check 'em out. I think it'll not just be an incredible thing for my body, but for my mind, as well. Despite all my "Yeah. Nah." vibes up over there. ^^

Also? And as - if not more - important than my own fitspiration goals? A part of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And that's important to me. Big time important.  

I'm participating in a 30 day workout "challenge" ... where my goal is to MOVE every day for 30 days. I'm also in a Spring into Fitness weight loss challenge. This one is really a challenge, with prizes and all. I've been a bit slack there. Mother nature and being female - easy place to lay the blame, right? 

I'm back on track now. I think. 

Danged spring-like weather and iced chai lattes beat me down, though. Even if I do opt for skinny ones. They're just my kryptonite. 

I guess I'm not as empty as I thought. My original post title. Empty. 

I think it might be not-so-empty instead. 

I have something else I want to pour out but I don't have the words right now. So I'll wait. 

Otherwise I'll write a bunch of crap and be like, wha? Why did I publish THAT?

I've had some hot posts lately, it's been kind of cool. I like to see people commenting because it makes me realize they're out there. I don't NEED comments, but I do. We all do. Even if we just blog for ourselves, as we all SAY we do ... 

Don't you smile when you see someone comment? Especially someone who you never would have expected knew you were out there? Or here? Wherever we are?

Yeah, you know you do. Me, too. 

Well, thanks for taking the ride with me today. I think I'll post now so I can feel accomplished for the - uhm - not morning. Damn. Where did that go? 

I think I still have time to toss some stuff into the crockpot for tonight's dinner. 

And to remind myself that if it isn't cooked in time it's the Benadryl's fault. The generic Rite Aid brand, though. But Benadryl has become like Kleenex. Although that's the worst one for me to use. I never ever SAY Kleenex. Even when that's mostly what I buy. I wonder if Kleenex needs a brand ambassador? I could SO rock that gig. 

Allergies? Check. Constant sinus infections? Check. Pets and dust sniffles? Yup. And a kid. I win!

Okay, peeps. Enough dawdling. Talk soon!

Oh, and if you haven't seen my latest vlog - where ya been? I talk about Mama's Comfort Camp with some of my peeps over at the Mama's Comfort Camp Birthday Celebration, so check out me and some of the most amazing women I know. Go on - you don't even have to come back here. It's all good. 

Peace out!


  1. You are going to rock your run! I can't wait to hear all about it and see MUD pics!

  2. Wow, I wish I was so ... empty today. Just wandering and reading and trying to form words to say ... stuff.

    Have a great one.

  3. I always, ALWAYS smile when comments come in. I have to say, it's one of my favorite parts of the whole process. I love hearing what people liked or thought was funny...or how they related to what I wrote...what it made them feel or think about. You're right, it's FINE without that...but it's not as good. :)

    I hope you take lots and lots of pictures at the mud run this weekend. I can't wait to see them!

    Oh, and I wanted to tell you---you have totally gotten me IN GEAR, workout wise. I'd had some false starts at getting my act together this year that fizzled, but not this time. I'm day 2/30 and I'm doing it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. PERIOD. I've been re-energized and re-motivated. (all because you posted on FB.). You rock! --Lisa

  4. Good luck on your Mud Run, I'll be pulling for you. I don't run unless something is chasing me, but this kind of sounds like fun. I'll keep an eye out for something like this in my area.

  5. As the big sister of 3 boys and a Mom to a boy...you will find that mud is the best thing ever.
    Dig your limbs in it.
    It's awesome.
    I'm still waiting for dinnerxo

  6. You are going to love the Dirty Girl. It's exciting and terrifying and empowering all at the same time!

  7. Wow, a mud run. Incredible! Does being active help or worsen the allergies? I get hit hard every March and last year was my worst year yet because I was pregnant. Two sinus infections! Ugh. Anyway, feel good and run well. You rock!

  8. And that's why I don't usually title the post until it's written. Because when I do, I always have to change it. xoxo


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