Friday, December 7, 2012

My Holiday Best!

I've been off the radar as far as the blogging world is concerned. I'm still around on Twitter and Facebook and you can find me there, certainly, but I just kind of hit a slump and haven't come up with words to share here.

So I'm scrapping it (I even started writing this afternoon about the importance of GIVING this holiday season and I just couldn't get myself motivated to dig up links and research things that I basically know off the top of my head and heart and so that post is shelved for a few more days, I suppose) all for the time being ...

And I'm going to be lazy and dig up my holiday-ish themed posts from years past. Including this picture from 2009!

And if you're so inclined, feel free to read 'em. And if not, I'm cool with that, too.

You gotta be you, after all.

I'll work my way backwards so I'll start off with last year's letter to Mr. C. And I totally don't mean the dad from Happy Days. Honk if you got that reference!

My letter to Mr. C aka Santa

I also talk about one of the most important aspects of the holidays. The COOKIES.

Cookie Swaps and all that jazz ...

I just write about my holiday home ...

Just write.

My Christmas Eve Day poem from 2010!

Merry Christmas Eve Day!

How we blend the holidays in our house.

Blended holiday celebration.

A Chanukah poem (also from 2010 - and guess what? They match!):

Twas the night before Chanukah?

Why I'm slightly screwed ...

Where does Santa live?

And so there you have it. Most of it, anyway. My holiday best here at Good Girl. Is that wrong that I nickname myself that way? Ha. I don't know, just kidding. All my handles are goodgirlgonered so I think people will end up even more confused if I'm not careful. And if you skipped all my links, it's all good. I'm sure I will write about the holidays as the week begins and we move through Chanukah and towards Christmas.

Like right now, I have a question for you. I noticed it in one of my really old but wayyy lame short posts. But now I can have proof if you actually read my post to the end or not! Ha! Gotcha!

What's your favorite holiday movie of all time?

And ... maybe MORE importantly ... what's your LEAST favorite holiday movie of all time?

Feel free to share in the comments! And have a great weekend!


  1. Favorite: Santa Claus: The Movie circa 80-82??

    Least: a Christmas Story (sorry!)

  2. Why reinvent the wheel? We all tend to post about the same things this time of year anyway!

  3. Favorite: Elf

    Holiday time is so busy. I haven't been posting because I just don't have time.

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  5. My very favorite holiday movie of all time is It's a Wonderful Life.


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