Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Chanukah Poem ...

Twas right before Chanukah and the house was a mess ...

I said to myself, Thank goodness no guests!

I dragged out the crayons and the holiday tablecloth,

But it's nearly impossible to color, even I'm feeling lost!
(bad rhyme attempt there!)

I tried really hard to find our menorah,

But no luck just yet, so don't dance that hora. :(

That's really okay because I realized last night,

That I only have about 3 candles to light!

The sparkly Star of David hangs up on the wall,

With a snowman to stare at, oh-ho, what a ball!

The dreidels are missing, nowhere to be found.

Now wait just a minute, what was that sound?

Ah, of course. Christmas music. Why that? - you might ask.

If I have to search for Chanukah songs any longer I might need my own flask.

My daughter just approached with two Santa hats,

and a Merry Christmas she shouted, though her tidings fell flat.

I think our next step will be to bake,

And sugar cookies shaped like Jewish Stars we will make.

Then tonight, best of all, latkes made from potatoes.

I'm using a box mix, but nobody knows!

And lastly we'll sit on the phone or on Skype,
To talk to my family and share in the hype.

We'll gather together across all the miles,
Singing the blessings and sharing the smiles.

Because no matter how far we live or how near,
Sharing holiday moments with loved ones so dear,

Tis the only way we'll celebrate,
Candles are at sundown, now don't be late!




    I loved your poem! Enjoy your first night of Chanukah :)


  2. Happy Chanukah, my friend!

    I can only imagine how odd it must be Jewish in the south... I find all the outward Christianity a bit overwhelming at times and I'm Christian!

  3. Hahah! You rock! This was great. We just need Adam Sandler to come in to play the guitar to this! Happy Chanukah!!

  4. I'm coming over for latkes, yum!
    Great rhyming friend :-)

  5. I am a Catholic girl so we celebrate Christmas. I had to laugh at your story awhile back about Santa living at the Mall! That is too cute.

    Anyways, Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  6. I'm a little late, but Happy Chanukah! I hope you found the dreidl's and menorah by now.

  7. Ok, I read that first post before I read your SITS day post and this post. First of all, THANK YOU for sharing how you blend the two holidays. I think I will hang some dreidel ornaments on the tree and maybe even print this poem out and read it with the family on CHristmas eve ;) Thanks! If you have nay more tips, send them my way ;)


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