Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy July 4th, everyone!

We caught some fireworks the other night (I still have to load my pics, stay tuned for them on Wordless Wednesday this week!), and have a BBQ to head to later today, but I figured I'd grab some pictures that represent the Fourth to me.

Kiddo last year at a festival (way too hot this year!)

Some shots in NYC from several years ago. Post-9/11, and pre-living in NC.

Taken a few weeks ago at the top of the Empire State Building.

Obviously to me NYC represents a lot of what America is, but that is mostly because that's where most of my flag pictures come from! I could have done LOADS of baseball pics, as that IS America's past-time, after all, but I decided to hold off on those and maybe save them for another post to tell you some more about me. Can't fit everything into one day, right?

Not sure if we'll see some fireworks tonight, but we've had our fill and have some sparklers to play around with (carefully) tonight if we want. We also did a stop-over at our local firehouse to drop off some 4th of July decorated cupcakes (not homemade, it's too dang hot!) for the men and women there who risk their lives to protect ours. You might consider doing the same. It's an amazing feeling and also is a great way to teach your children gratitude. If you're looking for something like that to do, anyway. Today's as good a day as any. We did it last year, too, and each year the highlight is meeting their House's dalmatian, Angus. Our kiddo just loves him.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Fourth! Stay cool!


  1. What awesome shots! Happy 4th! :)

  2. What an awesome tradition to take the firemen cupcakes!

    We played with sparklers too - I won some in the race I ran! Pierce had a great time with them :-)


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