Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stream of Consciousness: It's Sunday Y'all

Last Sunday at this time I was not yet in bed. Or maybe I was. I honestly forget the time frame. But this Sunday I am avoiding bed, as usual. It's been quite the week. And I'm quite exhausted. I'm happy to be back home, but I am still in woosh mode after the Type A Parent Conference. I know - I know - I can't stop talking about it. I promise it'll just be one more post after this. I mean it!

Anyway - as 1AM rapidly approaches, I must write about something totally different for my Stream of Consciousness post.


We did a quick stop at Wal-mart tonight, at around 11:00, and wow. It was packed. And it's not so much that it was packed, after all *I* was there, too, right? But I'm talking about people with cartload after cartload packed, AND. Ready? Get this.

People on line were buying barbecues. As in GRILLS. At ELEVEN PM.

What the fletch?!?

Seriously, people? Grills at eleven o'clock at night? I was buying dog biscuits (poor dog hasn't had any in days), a loaf of bread, two Starbucks frappucinos (for the morning) and frozen pancakes (also morning). Oh, and I picked up a copy of All You magazine, or something like that. With the $50+ worth of Qs in there that make up the few bucks I spent on the mag itself.

Anyway, I think my five minutes is almost up but seriously people. If you want a grill, trust me, it's way better to do your comparison shopping earlier in the day. Even if it IS July fourth weekend.

** This has been a post for linking with All Things Fadra's Stream of Consciousness Sunday. I was supposed to take five minutes and just talk - which I did. Believe it or not I started at 12:55 and ended at 1AM. And on that note - to bed I go!



  1. You can sometimes find online deals to subscribe to All You. I got one where you got two years subscription for $13. Then it REALLY pays for itself!

  2. Buying grills at 11pm is uh, strange! Hope you got some sleep :)

  3. I would be too tired to carry a grill to my car at that hour.

  4. I suspect that the people who would be buying a grill at 11pm are not the people who would be doing comparison shopping.
    Is the Saturday before July 4th the new Friday after Thanksgiving?

  5. hehe...Walmart at 11am. Happy July 4th! Enjoy!

  6. I have been in Walmart really late too and same thing. It's like people do their regular shopping then, not just grab something they need really quick, like diapers. It's weird.

  7. I love the visual I'm getting. Someone invites a bunch of people over for a cookout for the 4th of July and the night before, they say to themselves "Oh fudge. I bet a need to have a grill."

    I like the Thanksgiving without a turkey visual too! Walmart brings out the weird in all of us.


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