Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why I wanted to go ... Part II.

So, a final post about Type A Conference. I mean, I could go on and on and on. And I have. And I could keep going. But I won't. For now, anyway. But here's a recap of what was most important to me. The PEOPLE. See some of them below, and check out my Who I Met at Type A Twitter list for more!

If you haven't read Part I about why I wanted to go, check it out
here. It's a focus on one important aspect of the conference for me. Which I continue with here.

I wanted to go to meet all the incredible people I talk with every day. And some of the newer friends I was only just connecting with. AND even better, the new friends I made AT the conference, the ones I talk with more often now than I'd expect!

So, here are a few pictures of some fun and incredible peeps. Find them on Twitter and get to know them, their blogs, who they are -- because I said so. And because they rock!

@blueviolet - - As wonderful and sweet IRL as she is online. She also made sure that my roomie and I added stat counters to our blog for future use. And told me I could make mine invisible. Perfection.

@mommybknowsbest - - I am so lucky to have met her as randomly as we did. I may have inadvertently spent the rest of the conference stalking her on accident. I swear.

@highimpactmom -- Little did I know I had "met" her via email before the weekend. I had the luck of connecting with her as she did her magic coordinating the volunteers to help make this conference a flawlessly executed event!

@CatalinainLA -- I am so glad I stayed out a bit for that last patio party!
Otherwise I would have never met and connected as well as I did with Catalina! She didn't even flinch when I asked her where she lives. Duh!

Of course I also got to hang out with some of my more local NC peeps.

Like my four carpooling buddies and the lovely Frelle ...


@adventuroo (not sure what happened to my border there ...)



So overall the conference was a huge success for me on a personal level. But you must know that already. It was just important for me to re-state it for you all so you know how important the PEOPLE are. The people make it what it is. Whether they are pictured here or not (mostly not because I didn't get to stalk them enough for a photo opp!) they are awesome-sauce. And you know how much it pains me to use the word awesome. I'm not a big fan of the sauce, either. But whatever works.

Thanks so much Kelby (@typeamom) and the entire Type A Con crew. It was an amazing time and I look forward to returning again next year!

p.s. I promise I wore more than one outfit. I think most of these pictures were taken on the last night - when it hit me how few pics I'd taken and how many people I wanted to "capture" with my camera.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm impressed you took so many people photos! :-)

Shell said...

It was so much fun- I'm so awful at taking pics. I never realize how few I'm taking until I'm back home!

Mo 'Betta said...

How AWESOME :) I love that word, as you may have figured out by now! Love that you got to meet so many blog buddies. You or @blueviolet will have to let me know about stat counters...since I'm pretty oblivious to anything technology related.

(If I was heading your way any time soon, I would bring you some zucchini!)

blueviolet said...

I am so happy we met, and I'm so fired up that we live not that far from each other!!!!

I am terrible about taking pics so I am SO glad YOU did!!! :)

Daffy said...

One of these days Alice...ONE OF THESE DAYS....Imma gonna make to one of them thar conferences!

How awesome. I'm excited that you were able to go and had such a wonderful time!!

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