Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's My Party

And I'll whine if I want to.

This illin' business is enough already. My daughter had a better day yesterday, but today is whining more than I have ever heard her whine in my entire life. Another 24 hours of Nick and Nick Jr. But if I have to watch The Fresh Beat Band one more time I might claw my own eyes out. Or maybe plug my ears.

So, empanadas for breakfast today. Well, breakfast and lunch. They're two leftover from dinner. Thankfully hubby bought these for us to freeze, or who knows what I would have wound up with. For her, she ate breakfast, and now it's ice cream for lunch. Considering we've been up since like 6:30, I think it's OK for her to have some at around 1PM, right? I mean, the other day she had some and when I looked at the clock as she asked, it was only 9:25. As in IN THE MORNING. But who cares? It's milk, right? Dairy? Really good for her? Say it with me. At the very least it was Breyer's, and we all know they're on the healthy end of the ice cream spectrum.

What really pisses me off about Nickeolodeon is that they have commercials. I much prefer Nick Jr (formerly known as Noggin) because of the no-commercials policy. At this point with all of the regular Nick we've been watching I should have to buy her a Little Mermaid doll whose hair changes colors when wet, a set of eerily scary looking little Disney princess baby dolls, Connect Four (have you seen the new version of this? Seriously out there!) and a doll that not only eats, pees, AND poops, but SAYS: 'I made a stinky.' I mean, really? Seriously? I have to listen to this? But of course, because Nick, and not Nick Jr. is the only channel that plays back-to-back-to-back Dora and Dora and Dora and Diego. And so on and so forth. Ah, the joys of Mommyhood.

As for me, I'm still battling this thing. Whether it's our own version of Swine Flu, some sort of sinus infection, or just a plain ole cold, I'm fighting it hard and planning to beat it. You can't take me down, you nasty germs! I'll kick you into next year! I'll be damned if my daughter doesn't get a single piece of candy for trick-or-treating (read = I don't get to steal at least one Reeses' PB cup from her treat bag!) or at least get to dress up and take one picture in one of the two costumes we have for her. So COME ON! Bring it on! And get lost!
Kicking hard and still fighting ... and exhausted already, and it's barely afternoon ... **me (I really do need to make a signature for my blog, it'd be fun to be able to use it now and then!)


  1. I'm so sorry you're so sick. I had that bad cold that settled in my chest and it took antibiotics and lots of other meds to make it go away finally. And I hear you about Nick! I don't let the kids watch it. M doesn't realize Dora is on there all the time, and I'm not telling her!

  2. That stinks that you and you're daughter aren't feeling well. Hope you get well soon. I agree with you about kids commercials on Nick. So annoying. My kids always want to watch the Dora and Diego one hour specials, but they're broken up by commericials that aggravate me. So we don't watch them much.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours, am now following an dlooking forward to reading more.

  3. Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you feel better soon! My younger son always wants to watch Max & Ruby. Boy those bunnies are annoying :-) My older son watches SpongeBob. As a result of the commercials, his Christmas list is a mile long already!

  4. Thanks, ladies. I had a good cry tonight so I'm hoping that I'm on the road to some sort of recovery! As for my little one, we shall see. It seems like every day she wakes up with a varying degree of illness, and man, it stinks!!

  5. I SO feel what you're saying!! I have been humming that stupid get up and go go song for days!!!!


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