Monday, April 27, 2009

Being a mom means ...

* Never knowing what sound you'll wake up to in the mornings.

* You'll never have a minute to pee by yourself again

* Your bathtub will ALWAYS be covered in bath crayon art work.

* You'll see yourself in this miniature version of you and your other half and be amazed at what it is that you see.

* An exciting surprise every day!

* Hearing sounds and seeing things through your child's eyes in ways you could never imagine before.

* A whole lotta: 'What's that?' 'Come on!' and 'Mommmmmmmmmmy!'

* Never getting another night of sleep without listening to the monitor to make sure she is breathing.

* All of this and much, much more ... but most importantly, being a mom means receiving unconditional love, day after day, minute by minute, even when she's mad at you, you're frustrated with her, or you've just lost your cool over the stupidest thing EVER. Never a minute will go by without you knowing you are loved!

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