Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wasted Trip

We took a ride to the Air Show today, in Goldsboro, NC. We pulled up at the main entrance and the man there told us to go to another one, as this one was closed.

OK. Great.

We drive, and drive, and drive. And we're at the point that our little one is JUST starting to drift off. Seriously. We've been in the car for how long, and she's about to fall asleep now? My husband says that he doesn't care, we're going to transfer her to her stroller and all will be well. I am fine with that (not so sure it'll work, but fine with the idea, anyway.)

We continue driving, and find the right street. Turn in, pull up behind someone who is taking a really long time to talk to the person at the gate. Oh, they're checking ID. Got it. (An Air Show open to the public and they're checking ID? Should have been a red flag immediately, right?)

We pull up, hubby hands over his license and the gentleman says, 'You don't have a military ID?' HUH? Nooooo (questioning tone) oooo? Husband asks, 'I thought this event was open to the public?'

Man at the gate says, 'It was.' DRAMATIC PAUSE. 'Until three o'clock.' Husband and I look at the clock on the dashboard, which is turning to 3:00 as we speak. Man at the gate waves us around to make a U-turn. I am wondering if he is freaking KIDDING ME!?!?! Seriously? Closed to the public now?

Check out the website HERE and see that there is NOTHING that says that they are closed to the public at 3PM. And look here ... where it specifically says NO ID REQUIRED.

So, majorly bummed
and missing the Blue Angels, we turn around and head towards home. Stopping for Chicken and BBQ at Smithfield's along the way. Which leads to a whole other post that I'll refrain from making. Let's just say I'm not feeling that hot right now.

Oh, but hubby did get a bit of a bonus parting gift, turns out he got back in time to make it to the 'Canes-Devils game. I haven't checked the score yet, but I sure hope Carolina is kicking some NJ-a$$! ;)

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