Monday, November 5, 2018


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Coffee coffee coffee.

I kind of want to leave my post at that.

And I also think I may try to stick with one word titles this entire month.

I am AWFUL at post titles.

In general, I just don't come up with exciting ones.


It's not really, but this morning, with the weird time change, and wait, it's actually this afternoon, but that's not even because of the time change because it would still have been the afternoon when I'm writing this, anyway - coffee.

I live and breathe it in the mornings.

Sometimes it's even just the smell of it.

I don't even make it through the entire first cup. But I still want to smell it and have it permeate through my home.


It's an interesting word. An SAT word, as we used to call 'em.


I love iced coffee in the warmer weather, but when fall actually takes hold - which is temporarily the case in North Carolina right now because it appears as though it is going to be almost 80 degrees on Wednesday, so, thanks for that, Mama Nature - anyway, when it's cooler outside, I'm all about a hot cuppa Joe.

Or a warm one. Because I got coffee at McDonald's the other day (I know, who even AM I?) and it was so hot I couldn't drink it til I brought it home and doctored it up greatly with some SILK Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Creamer.

Some days the only way I think I'm gonna make it through the day is if I pump coffee through my veins. Which is where that fun little image with a woman and a coffee IV comes from. I share it often, but won't here because I haven't found the artist yet and I prefer to give credit where it is due.


To me coffee represents so much more than a cup filled with a favorite warm or cool beverage.

Coffee is a summer day on the porch with my mom. Sipping her iced coffee. Feeling 100% certain I'd never ever drink coffee for real.

Coffee is slipping downstairs and heading a block or so away from my Manhattan office at three in the afternoon. Only to that particular Dunkin' - because they made their iced coffee perfectly. Poured where the sugar crystals piled up at the bottom.

Coffee is grabbing the perfect cup for 50c at the cart on the corner of Hudson Street after coming from the train. Or ordering a 'regular' when you ran to the bodega to get your breakfast sandwich.

Coffee is a warm hug from the inside on a rainy morning.

Coffee is what brings me comfort on a crappy day. It reminds me of so many people and so many moments. So. What might, to you, look like an addiction. Or a habit. Or a part of my routine. To me? Is much more.


Anyway, I stopped this post yesterday because I was going to wrap it up with a coffee image of some sort and then I didn't post and then I broke my NaBloPoMo streak at DAY FREAKING FOUR.

Not cool, y'all. Not. Cool.

So. Talk to me about coffee. Do you drink it? Like it? Hate it? HOW do you drink it if you drink it? Fill me in. I've got nothing else going on right now, anyway ...


  1. I ruined my blogging streak on day 3. Sorry, not sorry. ;)

  2. This post is so good - so simple. The best feeling was when the coffee cart man made my cup when he saw me coming. The worst was the smell of stale coffee in my boss's office all day. (He didn't really eat, but drank the stuff and smoked cigarettes like a supermodel.)

    Now, it's sitting with friends at our favorite place, sharing stories about parenthood.

    (I'm not even trying NaNoBloPoMo. Although, I'm tempted. Can I catch up? Start on Day 6?)

  3. I don't drink it because it doesn't agree with me, but I do love the taste of it, the smell of it, and the memories it evokes.



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