Sunday, October 15, 2017

Let's Talk LipSense

A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail and may have been a little bit too excited.

See, I've heard about LipSense, but I didn't have it in my budget to give it a try. So, when I received some information on Red Gate Beauty offering up some samples to bloggers interested in trying and reviewing the products? I signed up.

I figured there was no way I would be considered.


I was. Am. Here I am.

So, my first attempt at using LipSense was broadcast out on my Instagram stories. Now, unfortunately those don't stay around, so I had to save my videos and try to pull them together. Hang tight for that one - I'll share it once I'm totally done working on it.

Here's my first go with LipSense.

I decided to opt for the color named Bella.

My sweet dog's name is Bella, and I figured it must have been a sign or something.

There are so many gorgeous LipSense colors, Red Gate Beauty updates their site regularly to ensure you see whatever they carry. I've been eyeing Apple Cider, Persimmon, and Mulled Wine. Caramel Latte is really pretty, too.

Here are a few times I've worn Bella out and about - with no bleeding, streaking or peeling. And even one time where I put it on kind of late in the day, and so it was still fairly striking at bedtime. This would have been when their Ooops! Remover would have been beneficial.

So - in case you can't tell? I'm a fan.

LipSense is the kind of product you can put on fairly early in your day and not worry about it bleeding all over your coffee cup. It won't surface on your water glass or the bread of your sandwich, and it won't start flaking all over you later in the day.

It really works.

I will include a few things that I was concerned with.

If your lips are dry or chapped? It's gonna sting the first time you put it on. And maybe the second or third. And if you take a break from it and start using it again? It'll sting some.

But it's not as bad as you think. I promise. (Video coming soon!)

And if you do have those chappy lips, you may find that it looks a little odd to you at first. Look at my travel with LipSense picture. You can see the lines of my lips. That's the case with most lip color, though - at least it has been in my experience. And after a while that wasn't the case. Look at my conference pic, a day or so later. You can see how smooth my lips look and how consistent the color is across them.

It's also a little bit sticky. Most glosses are - but the good part about this product is that the stickiness goes away once the color and gloss settle on your lips. No flyaway hair getting stuck to your mouth while you're walking and talking outside? Yes, please, thank you.

And thanks for checking out my latest addiction! Hope you let me know if you try it. 

* This product was provided to me by Red Gate Beauty. I was not compensated for this post and was only given the product to try and blog about. If you are interested in sending me product for review - please contact me at Thank you. *

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