Friday, November 6, 2015

Finding Fitness Fridays: Finding Your Motivation

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Hellllooooo, everyone. 

How's everyone doing? 

Are you like me? Are you totally lacking in motivation? 

I'm trying to find mine, and so I figured I'd be open and honest, real and raw, as I usually am, and let you know I'm struggling a bit. 

I didn't work out today. And that sucks, because a few days ago I committed to MOVEmber, where I promised to move for thirty days straight. And I fell off the movement wagon today. But I plan on doubling up tomorrow - somehow.

The weather seriously gets to me. Do you know what I mean? It's not the fall stuff, not the time change or anything like that - not really - it's just that we've been having soooo.much.rain. RAIN. 

Lots of it. It's dreary and annoying and I lose my oomph when it hits. 

Like today. I said - okay - I'm going to go up and get ready, and then I looked outside and it was drizzling. MAN! I know. I could have worked out inside. I did yesterday. Yesterday I did a 1-mile walk inside. But that was slacking for me. 

The two days before I did a 2-mile and an almost-2-mile (1.8). And I felt GOOD. 

So what the heck happened? 

I wish I knew. 

Some days we just hit that wall. And it's okay. Some days our motivation seems to be missing in action. And that's okay, too. 

In the meantime I'm still using MyFitnessPal and drinking loads of water and staying on track in those ways. 

But I'm also snacking. And I know what's happening there. It's when I buy things in a bit of a bulk container that I can't seem to stop munching. I need portion control to be provided TO me. At least I'm snacking on healthy things. Like dried fruit and pistachios and apples and stuff like that. Best I can do. But I'll try to get myself back on track again next week. 

Whole30 has been amazing for me, and I've not lost that. I'm still following a lot of it - avoiding grains and definitely avoiding mega-doses of dairy (after the Panera soup incident). However today I tried Enjoy Life gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free chocolate pieces. And they're so damned good. Especially to someone who has been mostly off of chocolate for months. They're gooooood. *shakes fist at the fake-ish chocolate*

I need to stick with snacks that are individually wrapped. Like these fruit strips, and pistachios in small doses. I especially like the Wonderful brand and these small servings. I tend to only eat one mini bag, and that really helps.   

Anyway, I'm hoping that sharing this here with all of you will help me find my mojo again. Do you have any tips that keep you moving? I mean - I can't just listen to Adele's Hello over and over and over again when I'm walking - ya know?

Okay, I need to get to bed - it feels like it's midnight and my back hurts. I'm about 90 tonight - seriously. And maybe it IS that whole daylight saving thing. Or maybe I need to finally invest in a SAD light for myself. If the weather keeps up the way it's going I seriously might. Do you have one? Fill me in. I need to learn about them. 

Okay, good night, peeps. Or good morning. Or whatever time it is wherever you are. Catch you tomorrow! Or later. Or next time you come by. 

Also, can I get a Woot Woot!?! I'm almost done w. a week of #NaBloPoMo - Woot woot!!

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  1. Some days you hit the wall. Life happens. What you do next matters. Shake it off- you'll do great!

  2. Light truly does help. On rainy days, I give myself permission to exercise less, so those days are usually a yoga video. That way, I keep going, but I don't have to get wet.

  3. I've been where you are more times than I can count. In fact, now that your mention it I'm there right now. Motivation sucked dry. Just try to plow on and cut yourself some slack. That's what I'm doing.

  4. Popcorn? I bought a box of organic microwave stuff - just oil and sea salt. And since it's mini bags, I really feel like I am being smart about treating myself.

    Do you have a friend to walk with? I started a 40-day streak group on Sunday and found two friends to walk with.

    Also, anything by Enjoy Life is amazingly good. I have to stay away.

  5. I totally hear you, and have been struggling with this for a couple of months now myself. I need to get off my butt and DO something to help me stop feeling so exhausted all the time! Here's to both of us being able to do so.


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