Monday, October 5, 2015

Five Books You Should Be Reading Right Now

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You know me. You know I can't stop reading. I'm close to the 50 books mark for 2015, which doesn't leave me much hope of hitting 100 this year, but I'll continue to try.

In the meantime, I have a few books I'd like to recommend that I haven't discussed with you yet. And I decided that it's time to direct you to some incredible reads.

So, here goes. These are some books you need to be reading right now.

The Royal We

goodreads, amreading, fiction, reading, recommendations, books, reviews,

An intriguing and lighthearted story - a taste of Royal fan-fiction - Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan give us a glimpse into what Kate and William's lives are like. Toss in a pretty much dead ringer for Prince Harry and you've got The Royal We. It's such a fun read. There's definitely more than just love and laughter, though. There are relationships, friendships, family drama. The Royal Family is Nick's backbone, but he's not quite the same as the rest of them. His brother, Freddie, brings a bit of fun and intensity to the story, as does Lacey, the twin sister of our primary character, Bex. The friendships and road to forever is an interesting one. And despite the real royal couple finding their happily ever after, we have no guarantees that this will happen for Nick and Bex. An inside look at how paparazzi impacts celebs, and how hard it is to live a normal life when you're so easily recognized, all of that comes into play as these two connect. It's a fun and light read - and you should pick up a copy - or download a copy - pretty much immediately.

Come Away With Me

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Karma Brown is one of my new favorite authors. I couldn't put this book down. Seriously. I devoured it. And it wasn't a light read, by any means. Tegan's story is incredibly emotional - her loss unfathomable - we learn early on what she's been through, and we journey with her towards healing. But it's so damned hard. It hurts. We hurt for her. I wanted to cry many times, and yet, I was also so mad - about so many things - that I didn't cry - I seethed. I felt for her. I wanted to help her. I understood why she hated her husband - why she was so angry, but I felt his loss, too. His pain. Poor Gabe. I felt happy when they let that lift for just a few moments here and there. And then sucker-punched when it returned with a vengeance. The toll that grief takes on your mental health is touched on in this story, as well, and I found myself shouting at Tegan to get help and take care of herself, or let others take care of her. This book, Karma Brown's first release? Phenomenal. Get yourself a copy. Stat. 

Her Sister's Shoes

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I recently reviewed this book, but I'm including it in this list anyway because I really think that it needs to be read by more people - and so I'm telling you again that you should read it. The dynamic of the sisters and their mother throughout the story was so well-written. Farley captured each woman's individuality, while still expressing her true familial connection. The personalities, relationships, problems and happiness, all thrown together make for a wonderful novel. Honestly, I'd love a sequel so we can see what happens to the sisters and their families. The kids alone would make for a great follow-up story, as well. A title you definitely need to add to your to-read list.


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George is the kind of book that you, as an adult, can read in a few short hours. But it's the kind of book that stays with you for way beyond that. George is a young girl who lives in the body of a boy. She struggles so much with being recognized for who she is that it pains us to witness all she goes through. Her voice is crystal clear, and her words are honest. She shares her feelings, her pain, so so much pain - how she hurts when people say things that are offered up with good intentions, but impact her through to the inner workings of her being. I honestly know that this sounds almost too intense to be a book about a young child. I know my description sounds like I'm talking about some telenovela - or who knows what else - but it's George. Completely. And you need to know her. Your child does, too, when you determine that they're ready. Because this book offers a perspective that isn't heard very often, but is very very necessary. 

The Kind Worth Killing

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A novel akin to the many mystery novels out there these days - The Kind Worth Killing is a fantastic read. The character of Ted connects with a woman while waiting for his plane home. Somehow, while pouring out way too much information to this woman, he shares that his marriage is failing and that he thinks his wife is cheating on him. Kind of random to share with someone you've just met - and yet - who else to share it with, right? But Lily, Lily, oh, Lily. She's not quite the right person to have shared this with. Because when Ted says something along the lines of how he could just kill his wife Miranda, well, Lily? She encourages him to do it. She says she'll even help. Saywhatnow? This is really bizarre. They connect, and it's interesting. We wonder - could he actually DO it? Could he kill his wife? Would he? Maybe. All I can tell you is that Swanson unravels a story like nobody's business. It's a great read, and one you'll find yourself unable to put down. So pick it up.

And there you have it. Five books you should be reading. Now.

Go grab your copies. Download them. Order them. Check your local library. Whatever it is you do when you hear about a book you need to read and want immediately. Because these are good reads. I promise!

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  1. Thanks for this list! I just received a Kindle for my birthday (call it an early gift - I'll be at Type-A for my birthday.) I'm excited to read ALL THE BOOKS.

  2. That is interesting about the last one. There are so many books on the market. It is oten overwhelming. So posts like this really do help, Andrea.


  3. I love reading and I love that you're always sharing great suggestions. I can't keep up with my reading list.

  4. Ooooh, I'm in the market for a new book. Can't wait to check these out.


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