Monday, September 28, 2015

Book review: Sit! Stay! Speak! Annie England Noblin

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* I received a copy of this book from TLC Book Tours. All expressed opinions are completely my own. There are affiliate links throughout this post. *

This is Annie England Noblin's first book, but I've just this morning done some digging and learned it won't be her last. Yay!! Honestly, this is something I could have told you anyway, because Sit! Stay! Speak! is a great read.

Noblin captures a true dog lover in Addie. She has Addie doing things I, myself, thought, YES! Go on, I'd do that, too. And it's no wonder - have a look at our author with one of her own sweet fur-babies.

books, amreading, read, fiction, recommendations, book review

We meet Addie just as she is becoming familiar with her new neighborhood. Having inherited her aunt's home in Arkansas, she's got a great view of her neighbor as he dances outside in his underwear. We can't help but laugh with her - carefully - as she approaches this new life.

We know that although Addie is comfortable in her aunt's home she has no intention of staying. We also know she's running from something in Chicago. Something went down with her fiancé Jonah, and we know it was bad.

I'll admit - I had my guesses. I pegged what it was - but this did not impact how much I enjoyed the book. If anything it prepared me to enjoy it even more.

Addie's pain resurfaces now and then, and we feel for her. We recognize that she hopes to slink through country livin' unnoticed, but soon learns that in a small town that's pretty much impossible.

And then there's her new puppy. Addie has saved this pup's life - beyond your general adopt-a-rescue-pup situation. She literally (I know - that word, right? But I mean it!) saved this dog's life. And he's so cute. We love how she earns his trust and how he shows his love through intense puppy affection.

There's so much more going on, though. We're not sure how this poor doggie ended up in this life-threatening situation to begin with, but we know it's not good. We also know that this town is pretty afraid of the people who might be involved, for whatever reason.

This book - a fiction novel with loads of character - also gave us a bit of a mystery.

And then there's Jasper.

We like him.

So does Addie.

Jasper likes Addie, too. We can sense it.

Addie doesn't know if she can trust him, though. She also doesn't know if he's available. That kind of puts a damper on things. But we like him, anyway. We want things to go well.

Noblin writes the chemistry between Addie and Jasper beautifully. It's the kind of subtle connection that stirs you up a bit as you wait to see how their relationship unfolds. Will they connect? Will they continue to cross paths? What's Jasper up to that he won't talk about? Do we really care? Should we?

I especially love how Noblin has written the relationship with Addie and Wanda, her new friend from the vet's office. Wanda seems to become an immediate sister to Addie - and if I'm being honest, I'd love to see a sequel written specifically for Wanda. She needs to find her way, too! That would be a great story.

The connection growing between the two women - the relationship Wanda had with Addie's aunt - the way Wanda teaches her about southern living - from preparing incredible food to town gossip - it's all a lot of fun.

And lastly, that's a huge part of the story that I really loved. Maybe it's because I live in the south now - but references to Aunt Tilda's recipes strewn throughout the book? Fabulous. Teaching Addie about southern specialities like good grits and chocolate gravy? Hushpuppies and sweet tea? Welcome home, sweet Adelaide. Welcome home.

This book was definitely a fun read. It's not quite what I'd classify as chick-lit, but a combination of that and a bit more. If you're looking to grab your own copy head on over to Amazon today. It'll be worth it, I promise.

* I received a copy of this book from TLC Book Tours. All expressed opinions are completely my own. There are affiliate links throughout this post. *

books, amreading, read, fiction, recommendations, book review


  1. This sounds right up my alley! I'll add it to my list. :-)

  2. Always looking for good recommendations to add to my list and this one is going on it. Thanks for a great review!

  3. I like your description of this as chick lit plus a little more. And who wouldn't love that cover?!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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