Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to December!

If you haven't been with me for the last few weeks you missed me writing every day (give or take) for an entire month. Yikes, right?

And yet, here I am. Day one of a new month and I'm inspired to write.

I even started writing this in my head. I think.

Anyway, welcome to December!

In honor of the twelfth month of the year I thought I'd give you a list of twelve.

Twelve what? you ask ... I'm not sure yet. Just twelve.

Things about me. Things I've done this morning. Things I do every day. General things.

Here you have it. My twelve.

10. I have listened to Taylor Swift's Blank Space about 550 times since I downloaded the entire album a few short weeks ago. It's easily my favorite song. However, I've also likely listened to the entire album 550 times, as well. You just get sucked in. Trust me. 1989. It's where it's at.

9. On any given morning I probably let my dogs in and out about 957 times. Give or take.

8. I go through stages where I constantly keep my nails pretty and polished. Addicted to polish. And then I get to the point where I am right now. Where I just sit here and have short, plain, unpolished nails. I kind of like them both ways, though, so that's good.

7. I seriously just started counting this list down from number TEN. Ten. I did say twelve. But I guess I'll just have to give you guys two bonus pieces of information at the end. Because I'm lazy and not renumbering.

6. Yesterday I read The Big Book of Parenting Tweets and it was hilarious. The quotes in this book covered pretty much everything you've ever thought or wanted to say if you're a parent. Absolute stocking stuffer for any mom or dad with a kid over age two. Anyone else might be terrified of their future. Oh, and yourself. Buy it and read it. And hold onto it for future giggles.

5. Right now I'm spending about an hour or two looking for snow boots online for my daughter. I don't know that she'll need them, but like the snow pants I bought her, we're headed North at some point and they should come in handy - right?

4. I'm going to see Taylor Swift in June. I hope I'm not tired of her music by then. See number 10 above.

3. My next book is going to be Jodi Picoult's new book. I'm excited. It's not here yet so I started reading something else last night. More on that later. I love to read. Did you not know that about me yet?

2. I'm trying to raise money to support Shot@Life. It's not working, but I need to get on promoting it more. If you're looking to make a donation before year's end - it's tax-deductible - and an important cause. Check it out, please?

1. This isn't really number one because I owe you guys two more. TWELVE, remember? Sigh.

It's almost Girl Scout Cookie selling time again. Counting down. It's really a good month away, but we leaders and cookie moms and the like have to get our initial order numbers in. This year - like last - cookies will be on-hand for your convenience. Ehem. Let's see how that goes!

Okay, now, the bonus two. These should be BIG, right? Because they're bonus. Not because I started counting backwards from ten instead of twelve. Le sigh.

Bonus number 1.

I think I might dye some of my hair purple again before the holidays. I'd love to have it stick around longer, so maybe I'll take steps to make that happen. We'll see. What do you think?

And ...

Bonus number 2.

Ah. I got nothing. Total let down, isn't it?

Okay - here you go - I'm still looking for guest posters here. I'm hoping to spotlight a few in the coming weeks, especially over the holidays when I probably won't be writing. So yeah, want in? Email me a post of any sort. New stuff. Link me up to some old stuff. Whatever you want to share. I want you here. Preferably people I know, honestly, but if we've communicated at all? Shoot me a line. Let's talk. I'm open to chatting!

* Some links in this post are affiliate links. They will help me get my next Chestnut Praline latte at Starbucks. And if you haven't tried that yet? YOU MUST.

Also, head on over to Starbucks ... and check out their stocking stuffer ideas. Because - cute - and who wouldn't want something from Starbucks in their stocking or under (Or ON) the tree this year?


  1. Love it! We are obsessed with Taylor in our may have read this post (it is super old), but Taylor Swift hugged Emma and Lucy at her concert a few years ago and told them they were beautiful. Needless to say, she is our favorite for all time! :)-Ashley

  2. 1. Yes. (Purple hair. If you do, I'll do it too. I need an ally.)

    2. Yes. I will attempt a guest post, if you will let me. Scary, outside my comfort zone stuff, but one of my goals for 2015 is to stretch myself in new ways.

  3. Yes to colored hair! I'm rocking red for Christmas, and I'm loving it. It's fun to switch things up now and again.

    Also, I will email you this week (Maybe even today if I'm on top of things) with talks of a guest post.

    I hope December is good to you, my friend <3

  4. Yes to the purple hair! I had a big pink streak for awhile a few years ago, and I loved it.

    I was thrilled to find new-with-tags Lands End snow pants (in purple!) for my daughter at a yard sale over the summer. And now, of course, I can't remember where I put them! We're going North in a few weeks, too, and she's taking ski lessons in February, so I really need to find them.

  5. My daughters LOVE Taylor Swift, but we don't have 1989 yet. We will soon...I'm expecting my niece to give it to my daughters for Christmas!

    This will be the first year selling Girl Scout cookies for me and my Brownie. I have a feeling I'll be learning a lot!

  6. Yay for cookies. I was so bummed i didn't find any Girl Scout Cookies last year. Must remedy that.

    I would love to guest post! It is funny I griped about writing everyday for NaBloPoMo but first thing this morning I blogged anyway and have ideas to post everyday this week. Weird huh?

  7. Oh, I love this post. And Taylor Swift. And nail polish. And girl scout cookies. And you!

  8. I love this post. Found your blog through your comment over at SITS. I heard on the radio yesterday that girl scout cookies are going online. #exciting

  9. I "discovered" blank space about a month ago and I was so excite when I finally heard it on the radio ( about 2 weeks ago)! It's pretty catchy! I'll have to take a listen to more songs on 1989 since everyone keeps raving about it!

    I have 2 dogs so I can totally relate to #2!

    Have a good weekend! -M


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