Friday, November 14, 2014

What I see in her eyes.

The most important things I see in my daughter's eyes.

* Sparkle

Don't little girl's eyes sparkle just so? The twinkle that you read about when you read stories and fairytales - the one that you never really saw and only imagined existed? It's in her eyes. I see it.

* Hope

So much hope. I see the world laying out in front of her. The ability for her to be whatever she dreams she will be. I see happiness and love, joy and laughter, and so so much more.

* Laughter

Yes, it deserves being said on its own. When your child laughs and you see it in their eyes it's the best possible feeling. Even better when you're the one who has made them laugh. Her eyes crunch up and crinkle - sometimes you can barely see them. But you know they're there. You know what they hold.

* Mischief

Yes, mischief. You didn't expect me to NOT say this, did you? She's a mischievous little one. She has gotten into things she wasn't supposed to (though not as much anymore) and she does things, or tries to do things that she knows she shouldn't. That sparkle I mentioned earlier? It's still there. It's just a little bit brighter. She also has this teeny, tiny smirk that shows up. That wide-eyed look. I know it well. I've worn it myself.

* Interest

This sounds weird. It almost didn't make the cut. But interest is critical to the hopes and dreams. She has it for so many things. And it's kind of glorious. Because to foster those interests and watch her grow within them? It's tremendous for a parent. Last night I watched her eyes as she read to me. The glow - the intensity - all of it - I stared more at her than I did the book or the words or anything else.

* Love

It's never-ending. Unflappable. Whole-heart-full-on-squeeze-you-tighter-than-anyone kind of love. The kind that brings tears to my own eyes.


  1. I LOVE this post. It has me thinking about what I see in my own kids' eyes and there is a lot of overlap with your list :)

  2. Oh I just love this post Andrea! So sweet and true and loving and honest. Well done.

  3. Yes I see it too! xo

    Another thing you see- your reflection. Because YOU got all that going on too, beautiful.

  4. I love this! She reminds me of someone I love at my house.


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