Sunday, November 23, 2014

Free Write: Thanksgiving is coming and we're staying home

It's 11:06 PM and I have a few minutes to get in my NaBloPoMo post for today.

And the same few minutes to mesh with Jaime's Stream of Consciousness post for the weekend. Link-up, I mean. And I'm totally stealing her "button" but I think she'll be okay with it since I'm directing you guys to her place and encouraging you to go there next week and link up. Or this week, since we're still allowed.

So, right now it's POURING outside and my daughter was awake as of 20 minutes ago.

My oldest dog is upstairs asleep, as is the younger one (she's crated) and the girl cat. The boy cat was walking around carefully down here - he doesn't trust us, despite our rescuing him from a life on the streets as a wee kitten. I mean, come on, now, bud, we're here for you!

Today I went grocery shopping - we did - as a family. We stocked up for Thanksgiving because we're doing it home, the three of us. This might be the first year we've cooked at home since our daughter's first T-Day. We normally hit Boston Market, or as in recent years, Golden Corral. Last year we were in NY as Chanukah was LITERALLY the day after Thanksgiving so we did T-Day with my SIL's family and then went to my brother's for Chanukah and it was rough and sucked but it was also great to be with family.

My daughter is struggling this year as we saw my mom a few weeks ago and said, "See you in a few weeks!" and so my kiddo is thinking that we have to do that and why aren't we and all that stuff. And I get it. It's sad. It's hard. It's hurting. It's rough to not spend holidays with family sometimes.

Just can be rough. And more so on the kids because they hear stories from friends who are traveling and whatnot. So they want to know why they aren't doing it, too?

But we're smoking a turkey (breast) and I'm making sweet potato casserole and mac-n-cheese and some sort of veggie, I think the husband will sort of steam-grill carrots and yum. And then I'm making a pecan pumpkin dessert I found on Pinterest that isn't pie.

And I'm at 5 minutes now so I'm done and ready for bed. Or reading. Or both.

And I totally did fix a few typo-s in this. Because I'm me. So whether I hit a stream of consciousness or not I'm not going to let that sort of stuff slide. So there.

Join me - there's still time - head over to Jaime's for the linky. 

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  1. Sometimes it's just so nice to stay home with your own small family and not have to travel miles and miles. Good luck with the meal! Smoked turkey is so yummy. And just so ya know...I edit my SOC posts too. We're writers; we just can't not do it! (do you like my double negative?)

  2. There is a lot to be said for staying home, just the three of you, and not dealing with travel craziness. We are most likely doing the Golden Corral thing this year.

  3. My son takes things so literal in terms of timing that I get the whole "see you in a few weeks" comment. Someone mentioned a party to Lucas on Friday night - and he thinks we're going to a party every day. (It's December 6.)

    We're fortunate to have family in our neighborhood, so traveling isn't a problem when we're staying home. But we alternate holidays and years with other family and it's rough sometimes.

  4. Your article hit a sore spot in my heart today. My 82 year old mom called a few weeks ago and said "It's time everyone has their own holiday in their own homes, so I'm not having it at my house any more." I've been quite emotional ever since and when my daughter told me she's not coming to my house, well... I'm a bit of a basket case.

  5. I think it's good to stay home and have a nuclear family holiday sometimes. You can make your own traditions!

  6. We're staying home this year, and getting a lot of flack about it from my family. But my fiance and really just craving a few days off together, where we can relax, recharge, and reconnect. I hope your family gets a bit of that this weekend as well. Know that you're in my heart, and we'll be celebrating with you, across the miles <3

  7. There are definitely benefits to staying at home. You get to escape the travel madness.


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