Friday, November 22, 2013

A new series? Amazing reads.

I think I might have stumbled onto something here. I often link out to friends and their blogs, but I liked how last week's post went for me. I liked sharing the good peeps and I liked how it made me feel doing so. So, maybe it's a little bit selfish, because I also liked not having to delve into my head and heart and write and write and write.

And this morning I'm feeling similarly.

I'm a little extra emotional. I wake up with puffy eyes and I'm tired.

I have plans for dinner out with friends tonight that I am so excited for. A dose of girlfriend love and laughter is exactly what I need.

But I also enjoy finding that every day on the wide ole' Internet. Am I the only one who almost always wants to call it the Internetz? Interwebz? I like that "z" though I can't say exactly why.

Anyway - here's what I was reading this week:

I reconnected with NJ over at A Cookie Before Dinner and absolutely loved her post about envy and competition in blogging. The title alone sums up so well what we all should be doing. So head on over and check out Why I'm Blogging Like A Horse with Blinders On. Remind yourself that comparison really and truly is the thief of joy. And don't let it rob you. Blog and be you. Share of yourself. Appreciate and celebrate others. It's all good. It's how we need to be. It's how I want to be.

My beautiful friend Tracie talked about family over at her place this week. She's blogging for NaBloPoMo or some sort of acronym I always mix up and so she's writing regularly and if you want someone to read that makes your mornings worthwhile pour yourself a cup of coffee and head over to her place. I haven't commented yet, but her post titled Family Feelings truly stirred up some stuff in me.

LawMomma had a powerful post up this week, as well. It struck a chord in me and reminded me how much we, as parents, can focus on the negatives we experience with our children, whereas for them it's a whole different experience. We're missing the beauty they see and thankfully help us feel. Her post, Flipping the Switch, is a short and sweet one you won't want to miss.

Another important read for me this week comes from Charity over at Our Giggles and Grimaces. What I Can't Have jumps straight into the struggles with wanting a medication-free life that I think anyone who has taken meds for one reason or another has felt at some point. Her words are so powerful. If you're taking medications regularly, or know someone who is, go read it. It will give you a few moments in their shoes. Or mind. Or both.

I'm going to wrap it up here with a link-back to my post from last week that gives you a handful of amazing peeps to check out, as well. Amazing Reads - Part I. with Good Girl Gone Redneck. Ha! Maybe it WILL be a series? I kind of like it and might just run with it.

Enjoy meeting new peeps and I'll talk to you all this weekend. TGIF!


  1. Love some of these people and don't know some of the others, but I look forward to discovering them! Thank you! :)-Ashley

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words about that post! I read a few of these others, but am going to check out the ones I missed!

  3. Thank you so much for including the link to my post, and your kind words.

    I'm looking forward to spending time reading all of these posts this weekend. This is an awesome idea for a blog series.

  4. I love this! It's a great glimpse into other wonderful blogs. Have a great weekend!


  5. I love your posts like this. Thank you for sharing and off to read them!

  6. Great series! I especially love the message to blog and be YOU. There really is no other way to stand out as a unique voice in this noise internet.


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