Monday, October 7, 2013

When did you graduate high school?

And what were you listening to back then?

I have to thank The Dose Girls this morning. They alerted me to the Monday Listicles topic that has me flashing back to my senior year of high school, the senior prom, senior trip ... good LORDY so many flashbacks there.

And the top ten songs from that timeframe. Top ten songs I remember from senior year. EEK.

I graduated high school in 1990, my friends. That was QUITE some time ago.

And yet ... some memories last forever, don't they?

I can picture myself, me, my friends, up at the crack of dawn, boarding buses for our senior trip to Virginia Beach. Saying goodbye to our parents as we went off on our "own" for one of the first times ever. Sort of. One song that I won't forget from that weekend? Maybe it was a popular roller coaster song (who am I kidding, it totally WAS):

Oh my G-d! I just searched for some songs from 1990 and found a list of the Top 100. And? HOLD ON IS NUMBER ONE!!! Bwahahaha. That's crazy. Seriously. And now it's in my head.


You're welcome.

OMG. I just found another song I SO remember. What did we even know about this crap at that age? Really. And yet ... (I remember every word!) And look at the hair! Ahhh!! The hair!!!

I think we had a routine for this one in my slimnastics class.

Yes. I did just say slimnastics.

Another one I really know way too many words of. Even now. Oh-so-many years later.

You have to know this one. It's the kind of song everyone dances to and sings when it comes on. No matter when or where you are.

And a classic:

And yet another:

And no 90s list would be complete without these guys ... who I can't watch without giggling. Look at the hair. The outfits. Oy.

This video kind of freaks me out a little bit until the singing starts. And I have to admit, I knew their music better when I was a college freshman. Obviously my tastes had - uhm - grown.

I need one more. I can't decide. Can you pick for me? Think back to 1990. What would your favorite song have been? And all you youngins - go away.

I'm kidding [no, really, go away]. Really. Just kidding.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down my memory lane.

Catch ya on the flipside!


  1. BEST.LIST.EVER. OMG, I am dying over the awesomeness! I LOVE that Heart song and totally just downloaded it for my iPod. Okay, so I went over to check the 1990 Top 100 list, and I am torn on what to suggest for your final choice. Part of me says It Must Have Been Love from Roxette. But then another part of me says Blaze of Glory from Bon Jovi. I can't decide.-Ashley

  2. I remember all of these. What great songs they were and still are!

  3. I just had so much fun reading this! Pump up the Jam! And Vogue! I still have to dance when I hear Vogue, even if it's just around the seat of my car!

  4. You need another NKOTB song on here. :)

  5. I'm so glad you posted all these video. Your post kept me company while I worked this morning. :)
    I was a sophmore in 1990 and had my first boyfriend. We loved the Wilson Phillips song. LOL!

  6. That is so funny. I remember my first ever "slow dance with a boy" was to the song Hold On.

  7. Wilson Phillips was the first CD I ever got. I got it for Christmas with my brand new stereo- cassette, cd, tuner. I love that cd! My HS list would include some Brandy/Monica The Boy Is Mine ;)

  8. I would like to remind everyone that Groove is in the Heart. Words to live by, really.


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