Friday, September 6, 2013

"Thank you, Grilled Cheese-us!"

If you know what that means? We're meant to be friends.

It has been a HELLACIOUS week + around here, people. Seriously.

I know you think I've neglected you, and I have. And I'm sorry.

But good LAWD. I've got the cough from hell. Seriously. It's been over a week and I'm exhausted and cranky and tired and can't.stop.coughing.


For realz.

I even went to Urgent Care last Friday night. LAST FRIDAY. And the doctor was, well, nice and sweet. And possibly twelve. But still.

And I forgave her for not giving me an antibiotic. I trusted her. *Except when she almost gave me a cough medicine with codeine and I am allergic to hydrocodone, but I digress ...

I took my inhaler prescription - and if someone can tell me how you're supposed to use those things that'd be awesome - really - and left.

And me and my OTC cough medicine from crap-land spent night after night dying. DYING.

Coughing and waking up and coughing and waking up and crying and peeing and peeing and coughing and peeing and sweating and fever-breaking and ice cold and shivering and coughing and have I mentioned coughing yet? Whew.

I'm tired just trying to breathe as I read all of that.

So I called them at the Urgent Care yesterday, desperate, and they called in a cough med. And while last night was also hellacious, I seem to have improved some already. Which reminds me, it's after midnight and I didn't take my 3rd dose today. Hmmn. To take - or not to take ...?

Anyway, I'm beat. Fried. Achey breaky and all that jazz. (Oh, Billy Ray, I'm so sorry.) *smh*

I'm ready to be healthy again because the child started school last week and I had, oh, exactly two days (that's right, count 'em, TWO. ONE. TWO.) before I was too sick to workout and I was so not happy about that one bit.

I have religiously been using My Fitness Pal and working out was supposed to go hand in hand with that, ya know? Okay, fine, I've been working hard at eating better and drinking 900 gallons of water a day (fine, it just FEELS like it), so the workouts were supposed to go with all of that. Pooh. They didn't. Haven't. I can't imagine when I'll be able to finish the 2-1/2 minute walk to the bus stop each afternoon without breaking into a sweat (HELLO HUMIDITY. #wherethehellisfall?) and coughing fit once I stop moving.

But soon.

I hope.

Because if not?

I'm seriously going to dedicate my life to eating Grilled Chees-us-es for every meal.


That'll be okay if it's whole wheat bread, right? And unsalted butter?

* I see you shaking your head over there. No? Well why the heck not? *

Oooh, Challah bread. I am hoping to make some tomorrow for yontif. If I finally feel well enough. I really need some sweet as we bring in this new year. A happy and a healthy will happen, but goodness I need to feel healthy first!

Back to basics for a sec. Bread. Sandwiches. Leads me to ... self-promotion. Sorta' kinda'. Is Pinterest really self-promotion if you have like none of your own posts pinned?

But anyway ... have you seen my Sandwich Heaven Pinterest Board yet? Some of those beautiful Grilled Cheese-us-es? WOULD ROCK. Dangit, lookit at what I did to myself right there. Now I'm hungry.

This is why I need to go to bed earlier. So I can hush up AND stop eating.

Nite, y'all!


  1. Feel better, my friend! And Shana Tova! And in lieu of being able to find anything close to good pizza in this part of the country, I think I may have to check out your sandwich board in Pinterest!

  2. Have you gone to an allergist? My DDS recommended one up near you that does fantastic things with allergy shots.

    Sorry you feel rotten!

  3. UGH. I feel like coughs are just THE WORST ever. Because you cannot get any real sleep and your body is exhausted!! I am SO SORRY friend.
    Best title of a post ever, by the way!-Ashley

  4. Oh it sounds like you've had a terrible week! Coughing is the worst. Hope u feel better soon!

  5. I hope you feel better quickly. Being sick stinks. Especially when you had big plans for that time.

  6. Feel better lady!

    We pulled a grilled cheese night this week...after having an equally crazy week for different reasons... it's one thing I can get on the table and still hope to get everyone to their activities on time!

    And Ilene! I warned you about the pizza!!!!!

  7. I'm sorry babe. I can hear your stuffed up voice in my head when I'm reading this.
    Doctors are very reluctant to give antibiotics because of "super bugs". I had a dentist who refused to give me my pre-cleaning antibiotic (I have metal holding my spine together and if I get an infection from cleaning I can die apparently...hmm)
    I definitely have to check out the sammiches!!

  8. There is a fast food spot in the mall near my kids in Boston called Cheeseboy that serves just grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. The quintessentially PERFECT meal. Hoping that Cheeseboy opens nationwide very soon!!!
    Feel better! L'Shana Tova.

  9. Saying hi from SITS! Love your blog design and I'm really liking your blog name :)

    I'm your newest follower!

    And I hope you feel better soon!


  10. You poor thing!! I can only imagine how you've been suffering; breathing being so important and all. I hope you're feeling better soon!!

  11. Hope you get to feeling better! That nastiness went around our place this past month, and oh it is yuck! Ooh Grilled Cheese-us, yummy! Only in my neck of the woods we call them cheese toasties, LOL! I gobbled down 2 of them tonight for dinner. New follower from SITS! Have an awesome week!

  12. That sounds TERRIBLE! & why are all our doctors in this area 12-18 years old. I sat at Elmo's diner listening to 2 tween girls (I swear) talk about their upcoming residency. Are youth really just getting so much smarter so much faster or do I just feel old lately?
    PS- They closed our pool. FOR FALL. And I am feeling like that was the wrong choice because IT IS HOT.
    Love you, hang in there!


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