Monday, June 24, 2013

Sharing captured moments.

I've decided to link up with Monday Listicles again today. This week's list covers your favorite pictures that you've taken, which, if you know me, I'm a picture-taking addict!

Some of my favorite shots taken over the past few months. You may have seen some them before, but bear with me. My kid is kinda' cute.

I'm going to give you seven. Because I'm lazy. And because I tend to share loads of the same kinds of pics and figure next week's theme is summer. And with summer comes loads of outside pictures. And so I'll probably want to save a few boating shots for then, and well, did I mention I'm a little lazy right now?

Anyway, here you have them!

See the arrow above? It's a squirrel! 

My sneakers. Obviously. Post Dirty Girl Mud Run. Less obvious. 

Also? One of my bucket list items! 


Pre-Color Mania run with the kiddo. Looking extra adorable with my bandana on her head. 

The beautiful lake. Sun captured off of the water. Love this shot. 

Queen of the world. 

Wind in her hair - focus - straight ahead!

                                          Me and my girl. Wind-blown. Sun-kissed. Happy. 


  1. These are great pictures!! And, yes, your kid IS cute!

    I love the squirrel. I always try to get pictures of them, but then I walk too close and scare them away.

  2. Love the picture of her with the bandana, so cute!! Great photos :)

  3. Those are SNEAKERS?! At first glance I thought they were hiking boots because they were brown! Then I saw...oh...AFTER the Dirty Girl Mud Run! Hahaha. Now I see it!!

    You're right. Your daughter is unbelievably adorable. LOVE the pictures of her!!

    My favorite is the picture of you two together. You look so happy and beautiful and she just looks so dreamy and sweet with the wind in her hair. You can just feel the special bond you guys have. It's just perfect!! --Lisa

  4. So much joy in these photos! My favourite has to be the one with wind blown hair.

  5. that lake is beautiful. i can see why you'd go there. must be really fun. and i love the "queen of the world" shot too. :D

  6. Is that a tutu you are wearing for the mud run? :)

  7. Great photos that make me smile. And you are right, she is pretty cute :)

  8. I love the Queen of the World shot. Just LOVE it!

  9. great shots, I have to agree your daughter is pretty cute, snap away. Summer is the season to be lazy, it's a law I'm pretty sure.

  10. Great photos and that lake view is AMAZING!

  11. I love the photos of the two of you together. What fun you have had this summer on the boat!

  12. What great photos of your daughter. I love the one of her raising her arms in the life jacket. Looks like wonderful summer memories. I was signed up to do a Dirty Girl run last year but didn't go at last minute. (had been away prior weekends and my youngest really wanted me at his track meet.) It would have involved going into Atlanta. I hope to plan better and get it done one year.

  13. beautiful pictures at the lake and your beautiful girl! Way to cross off a bucket list item!


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