Sunday, June 23, 2013

Five minutes out of my morning.

Five minutes. Set your timers and link up with Jana this week for Stream of Consciousness Sunday today. It's easy, even easier today without a specific prompt. Or maybe harder for you, if you prefer prompts, but go for it anyway.


11:20 AM

We just found a turtle in our backyard. If you're friends with me on facebook you've seen the pic of the poor thing hiding out and thinking what on earth is barking its head off at me?

It was living in our garage for about 20 mins before my husband realized that box turtles need to be returned to close to the area they were found. So he and the kiddo walked back out to the yard and put the lil turtle behind our fence. Here's hoping s/he doesn't come back and meet our pup again. Bella is a bit crazy when it comes to intruders, it seems. She's also quite the rabbit chaser. Fortunately not hunter, because I am not that sure what I'd do if she ever brought me a rabbit. AT ALL.

Yesterday we went boating for a few hours. We lucked out because it looked like rain and felt cooler, enough that we expected rain but we didn't get any. Which was good and made for a fun and relaxing ride. No swimming, though. We skipped it yesterday, which I was totally okay with.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have clean surfaces in my home.


It seems like an impossible attempt, even when I get something clean and clear, I wind up moving things from another area to get that area cleaned and either the stuff goes back or stays in the new spot and then what happens? Where do super clear counter people put all their stuff?

Do they just not have any? I mean, do they throw everything away? And if so? HOW? How do they do that - and can they teach me? Do they just let it all go? I need that gene. Can I buy it, I wonder?

One more minute to go. I'm headed out to dinner with some friends tonight and looking forward to it. I haven't seen this group of peeps in a while and am glad we're carving out a little bit of time.

It's funny when now and then I feel "friend-less" when it comes to people to hang out with and yet ...


I'll finish that sentence, even if it's cheating ...

And yet, I find that I do have good batches of friends around me, anyway. Even when I often think I don't.

More on friendships and mommy friends and so forth another time.

Thanks for joining me today!


  1. Have fun at dinner tonight! Love a dinner out with friends. It renews you!

    My dog is *this* close to catching squirrels in our back yard. When she does finally, I don't know what in the world I'll do. I hope it never, ever happens. We get enough "presents" from the cat....blech.

    I have no idea how clear counter people manage. I likely never will! --Lisa

  2. Isn't it funny how hard it is to get 5 uninterrupted minutes sometimes? You all did the right thing by putting the turtle back. We have a tortoise we bought at a store and have had good luck with her. My son kept a wild box turtle for a few years. But my daughter tried a year or so ago and the poor thing didn't eat. Not good. Have a great Sunday.

  3. I'm Southern born and breed but I was once engaged to a New York boy. And OMG do I miss the pizza and bagel from there! If I could have those delivered to me on a daily basis, not only would I be in heaven, but also 500 lbs.

    Found you through Jana's blog and I look forward to reading through you previous posts.

  4. Linked to you from Jana's. I couldn't agree more about the "clean counter" people! What does happen, where do you put the stuff when you clean, how did I miss that life lesson. It makes me feel so left out!

  5. I think I am a "stuff mover" too. I read your post on Facebook. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at dinner.

  6. I used to own a pet box turtle. I named him Leonardo (I bet you can never guess why). To this day, I still have a soft spot in my heart for turtles.

  7. What do you mean by "clean surface"? I know not what this is.


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