Saturday, May 4, 2013

The one where I can't stop talking ... #vlog

When it comes to entertainment you have to know by now how addicted I am to my shows. Whether it's General Hospital (on DVR, so I absolutely need to catch up!) or NCIS every week, when I'm a fan I stick with a show as long as possible.

I've honestly watched GH since I was a kid. Seriously. A kid! I'd head home after school and watch with my mom or my childhood best friends. Sounds crazy, right? But I plan on getting my own child addicted, too. She's already there. She heard that theme song enough times in utero that she knew it by heart when she joined the world outside of my belly!

Anyway, I haven't vlogged in a while so I figured I'd give you a taste of what I'm watching now. So, here's my latest vlog chatter. I hope you'll stick around and watch the entire almost six minutes of it. Is that too long? Tell me the truth, I can take it. I might not change my vlogging style or lose my need or tendency to ramble, but at least I'll know - right? Enjoy!


  1. Squeeeee! I LOVE JT. Always have. My husband can't stand him but he's eating his words now that he's seen just what a great actor and how funny he is! SO there. I feel vindicated ;-)

    I don't watch Criminal Minds anymore either, season 6 was way too violent for my taste.

    I have been watching Southland, The Vampire Diaries (which has gotten better lately IMO), and I am loving the show Awkward, though I wouldn't want my daughters to watch it!

    But what I LOVE LOVE LOVE is Smash and Nashville. Music, drama, love, awesome actors, great songs, fantastic writing... LOVE.

  2. LOVE your vlog entries!!
    I like spoilers. I feel like I shouldn't, but I like to know what's coming. I actually enjoy it more that way, I think. I can prepare myself. (But when CRAZY things happen on Game of Thrones that surprise me...I admit...I'm so surprised I love it)

    I like Val, too. OMG...YOU JUST MENTIONED US!! Squee!! (I'm typing as you are talking. Thank you for the shout out!! Sean is a TERRIBLE dancer. He dances like he has bricks attached to his feet. It's a fright)

    I've never seen Criminal Minds. I've heard it's very intense.

    I dislike Katie's show. Meh.

    I cannot tell you HOW VERY EXCITING I am about SYTYCD. Lucy and I watch that show together religiously. Twitch and Allison were SO FANTASTIC together. It feels like 1/2 the people on DWTS are from SYTYCD.

    Oh, must vlog about JT. He's definitely bringing sexy back. --Lisa


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