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Bungalow Nights, Christie Ridgway ~ book review

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I'm on to my second book in the Christie Ridgway Beach House No. 9 series, and this one might be hotter and steamier than the first.

We meet Vance and Layla. 

But Vance doesn't know much about Layla. We seem to expect something different than he does. 

The connection between the two characters is combustable from the get-go. The details, descriptions, different than Griffin and Jane (book one). The connection expected, the heat almost instant, but the way the story unfolds?

Emotional. Intense. And yes, steamy.

It's hard to review books in a series because you find yourself thinking a lot of the same things about the writer's style, or her take on connections, as a more specific example.

But here, Vance and Layla connect in a strange way and she seems to take a hold of their relationship, even though he is trying his best to maintain some sort of control. But she steps up. Steps into the family in ways we wouldn't expect.

And speaking of family, cousin Baxter is a pretty cute guy, too. I think that Ridgway cannot write anything but hot men. Even the ones we don't like or want to like are kinda' hot, too. Baxter and Addy are the secondary couple in this story, but they have a sizzle and steam and a connection that we want to watch unfold. We want to see what's happening with them as much as with Vance and Layla. That's unusual, I think, for a romance novel. Most of them seem focused on the sex and the primary character(s). Although sex is front and center in this book, the relationships are there, too. Someone like me enjoys reading something like that. I'm able to care about the connection ALONG with the chemistry. And we get both!

Bungalow Nights is definitely a book that CAN stand alone if it needs to. I enjoyed reading them one after the other because I like the flow of them, but it's absolutely not required.

Stay tuned for my next review of book number three ... The Love Shack ... coming soon!

* I was provided with a copy of this book from TLC Book Tours to facilitate my review. All expressed opinions are completely my own. Affiliate links are in this post. *

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