Monday, April 29, 2013

AMC and OLTL are BACK!

** This post is part of a campaign I am participating in via One2One Network. I have not and will not receive compensation for this post. I will be entered in a drawing for a prize when my post is completed, but there is no guarantee I will win. I like soap operas enough that I figured I'd share this info anyway. Why not, right? All soap-related chatter below is my own, minus a few pieces of specific information provided to me for this post. **

Anyone who knows me knows I'm addicted to General Hospital.

But wait - you say - that's not what the title of this post said. I'm here for AMC and OLTL info!!

I know. I'm just trying to explain why I'm an expert in the world of soap operas. I've watched GH since before I was born. My own daughter knew the theme the minute she popped into the world. I've watched Days of Our Lives, Another World (long gone) and many more.

Because of that, again, I'm an expert, people.

And when I tell you that All My Children and One Life to Live have, like many a soap star, returned from the dead, like the Phoenix rising ... well, you'd better believe me.

Many fans were devastated some time back. How could you replace our soaps with MORE talk shows? COME ON! Doesn't anyone know what we like? Are the soap star-fests not enough clarification of how dedicated we fans are?

It might be rough to accept new characters. It often is. But having some of the old fan favorites return is going to pull everyone on in. Seriously. Take a few minutes to watch the previews. It's like your favorite old shows are back after a spring cleaning.

I'm loving the music. I'm also loving fan favorites like Jessie and Angie, Vicki and Clint, Bo and Nora, Dorian (AH! DORIAN! I've loved her forever!). Blair and Todd? Maybe? I honestly can't tell what the deal is with Todd. After his stint on GH I don't know what's happening with his character ... but he's here in these clips at least!

OM-GOSH! I just found this video which might be even better at getting you guys excited. Here's why these two shows are returning and how the cast and crew feel about it.

Plus check out the new hottie(s)! They're definitely reaching out to the younger audiences, as well. With this new half-hour online format the hopes of bringing in new viewers, along with old faithful fans is sure to be reason enough to spice up the episodes.

So - where can you find them, you ask?

I'll tell you!

AMC and OLTL will be airing via The Online Network starting at midnight on Monday, April 29th.

Each show will have their own Hulu page, as well, that you can find here:

All My Children Hulu Page

One Life To Live Hulu Page

One important piece of info for you guys ... if you used to watch these episodes in front of or with your kids or your little siblings, you might want to test a few out first. Since the shows have moved off of network television there's a chance for some profanity (profanity! cool!) and more "adult content" than we're used to seeing. Nothing to deter you, but just an important reminder I was asked to pass along.

So - what do you think? Will you be tuning in?

** This post is part of a campaign I am participating in via One2One Network. I have not and will not receive compensation for this post. **


  1. One entire summer of my life was dedicated to Another sister and I watched religiously!! Great post...soap operas are a staple and should never go away! :)-Ashley

  2. I am a GH fan. I was so relieved that it stayed on the air. I'm glad the others are back for those that enjoy them.


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