Friday, February 22, 2013

High School Hairdo Discussion #Vlog

Here I am again.

I look a little puffy and pasty-faced from this angle, but I tried to re-do it and it just didn't come off natural at all, so you get me in all my glory.

Be gentle, friends.

And be honest. What did YOUR hair look like back then? Fill me in!


  1. Love your vlogs!

    My high school hair was GLORIOUS. Now,this was in the mid 80s and big hair was the thing. My hair was BIG. SUPER DUPER BIG.

    If my 17 year old self saw the flat (by 80s standards) hair my 45 year old self wears, she would cry and cry. I don't wear neon anymore either. Take that 17 year old self!

  2. F*ck were the real deal.
    I love you even more. Is that creepy?
    I once had a perm. I had pin straight hair and I felt like I was missing a part of my soul so I begged my mom to let me get one.
    It looked like a really bad crimp. Le sigh..

  3. It looked just like it does now. I cut it in colleage and let it grow back out in my thirties.

  4. I love you! You are fabulous. Mine was similar, but I had a bigger scrunchie and a huge bump. I didn't need a bump either. Bump it Shmump it!

    We need to take our high school hair out for coffee... soon! I will show you a picture then!

  5. my hair is in half up half down mode today, and yes, I got bumps...
    loved seeing you, sweetie.

  6. Oh my hair was all over the place. I think I had the unicorn 'do, too - but not every day. I had hair down past my elbows. I had big bangs with the curl and the shellacked hairspray for awhile, but then it was just wavy and all. I actually vlogged high school advice to myself recently and used my senior photo as a prop if you REALLY want to see it ;)


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