Monday, January 28, 2013

Sharing Moments of Motherhood.

I've never created a linky before. Not on my own. I've participated in them, but this is different. 

Maybe I'll like it so much I'll do these kinds of posts frequently? And people will link up and share their own Moments of Motherhood (MOM) with me?

A girl can dream.

And I dream of one day having a space where many moms come to talk about what's on their minds.

Kinda' sorta' not exactly.

At least once in a while.

So here's my shot at just that. An intro to what I'd like to share with you about motherhood.

Or something.

Motherhood is hard. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

We all have those AHA! moments throughout when we're saying, holy cow, we really ARE a mom. Or whoa, did I just SAY that to my kid? I'm turning into my own mom!

Whether it's the stereotypical "Because I said so!" response to our little ones (and who among us has NEVER EVER used that? - Really? Surely you jest!) or the random, "Please stop chasing the dog," Motherhood has us saying and doing the strangest things.

Will you join me today and share some of yours?


* You find yourself sneaking chocolate and eating it while hiding IN the kitchen so nobody will ask you for any.

* And sometimes you do the same thing with actual meals, because your favorite sandwich will instantly turn into what they want, even AFTER you've offered to make them one - been turned down - and then made them something totally different

* The only place you can get some peace and quiet is in your bathroom. And even that is rare.

* You've contemplated actually changing your name TO Mom. Because nobody regularly calls you anything else.

* You find yourself waking up at odd hours, finding yourself snuggled up under the covers in your kid's bed!

* You've been pawed at, snotted on, sneezed on and rubbed up against, and it's only noon.

* The last time you took a shower you stayed in there forever because you kinda' sorta fell asleep.

* You took up running - just to get some you-time!

* And lastly, you find yourself using the term "go potty" when you're out with your friends. Yes. The grown-up ones. And the kids are at home. Say wha?

If you'd like to join me (and I'd love it if you would!) please consider sharing your own post and linking up with me below. Make a momma happy and remind her (okay, yes, ME!) that she isn't alone!


  1. I totally say "I have to go potty!"

  2. I was actually considering changing my name to "Dad". Nobody ever goes to him with their complaints.

  3. Not a mom to two legged kids yet, but I find myself saying "I have to go nigh nighs now" when I'm heading to bed.

  4. Hahahahahaha! LOVE this! We definitely want to link up!

    I knew I was a mom when I just started cutting up everyone's food (even my husbands) before any actual eating took place.

    Oh...and when I automatically stuck my handout to receive gross things (like chewed gum, dirty tissues, banana peels, even vomit)

  5. Ha ha!

    I actually fell asleep during a root canal a few years ago.

    Just. that. tired.

  6. I love this idea, I got some ideas brewin. Gotta feed these kiddos so I can get to writing! Great idea for a linky Andrea and i find myself agreeing with so many of yours!

  7. I have forgotten what it was like pre-motherhood!

    Great idea for a linky party.. I didn't have a new post to share, but I linked up my last mother's day post.. since it sums up how I feel about being "mommy"!

  8. That was fun. And I SWEAR that I didn't make any of mine up.

  9. I linked up an oldie but goodie, if you don't mind... it seemed rather perfect.

    You know your a mom when you act like your mother and your daughter acts like you!

  10. Love this Andrea! And peace & quiet in the bathroom?! Haha that may never happen again!

  11. Love it! I totally did an old one, too. But it was the moment when I recognized they see the world from a totally different place.

  12. Loving reading all of the Moments of Motherhood link ups! I hope you make this a regular thing, Andrea! These are so much fun to read!! :)

  13. I'm seriously laughing right now as I'm hiding out in the bathroom to do some blog reading. I'll definitely try linking up with this!

  14. This is just the outlet I'm in need of. I'll be mom for 16 years on the 23rd of this month and boy! Do I have so many to share! Looking forward to linking up!

  15. Great post! I enjoyed reading it!



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