Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm doing it right. Right Now.

You know I often try to link up with Shell's Pour Your Heart Out on Wednesdays. This week I'm linking up with James & Jax, as well. She's got a new linky that encourages us to remind ourselves of the good things we've been up to. Good things are good reminders that we're worth it. Worth all of it. Every single second. 

So, for me there's a lot of good going on. 

Even though this past week has been a bit of a crap-fest food-wise, I'm working my way back to being back on track. I'm trudging my way through Couch to 5K. Again. 

Yes. Again. 

I started it back in January of last year. And then I hit week 7 and I stopped. 

The heat. My mindset. All of it. Changed and challenged. So I stopped. 

But not now. 

Not this time. 

This time I'm doing it. 

And I'm doing it right. 

Because I have so many reasons to move. 

And I'd like to start my Weekly Updates again. Did anyone read those? I think so. I think it'd be cool to get those going and share the ups and downs. And the ups. But not the ones on the scale. Those should be downs, right? 

But I'm doing this. 

Yesterday (Tuesday) I completed Week 3, Day 2 of the C25K workout. 

Today (Wednesday) I went walking with a friend for 40 minutes. And we beat that wind out there! 

Thursday I should finish Week 3 and by the weekend Week 4 will be in my sights. 

Weekends are rough, but either way I've been tracking my calories on my phone with the LoseIt app. It's been pretty easy to do and helps me see where I'm failing or flailing, AND where I'm successful, too. 

So while I'm struggling this week with a few things that might show up on the scale, (they did, I'm up .8 today - but I'm okay, I'm moving forward and shaking it off!) and I've been going over my calories for the past few days, I am also moving and running like a motha! Whenever I can. As best I can. You know how it is, right? *Please humor me if you don't. I need the love!

And I'm checking in with my peeps over at the New Year, No Excuses challenge in our private facebook group where we support and motivate one another. And it's fabulous. Seriously. The non-judgmental environment. The unconditional support and understanding. All the things you need to keep you going. Even when or if you backslide a little bit. Even if you weigh WAY more than some of these ladies. Or only a little bit more or just a little bit less. 

All of that matters none. 

You're in this together. We are. Completely. And so we keep going. Together. Not quite side by side, but it feels that way anyway. 

And so I keep moving. 

I keep going so that girl of yesteryear doesn't show up again. Because she's not welcome here anymore.

Because me? I'm pushing through. I'm breaking a sweat. I'm on the ball. 

I'm lacing up my fairly new and absolutely pricey kicks so I can head on out and hit the pavement. 

I remember that I CAN do it, and so I continue on and I DO.


  1. I needed to read this... I ran twice this week and did an hour of yoga and my "fat pants" don't fit. I know it's my eating, but I'm devastated to be here again. :-(

  2. It's so cool that you're doing this. I think it's all about getting into the right mind frame and habits, you know? Keep at it! You're worth it!

  3. yeah! Keep moving!

    I did week 3, day 1 today.

  4. Yay! You are doing great! So happy to read all this.

  5. I swear, if I weren't almost about to go to bed I'd get up right now and exercise. You have totally inspired me!
    You keep moving and keep going!!
    Yes, Yes, YES!!! --Lisa

  6. You are such an inspiration, dear. I completed week 1 of C25K and then the temps dropped below freezing, then we had snow & ice. I'm so stalled right now. I feel as if I've lost my motivation with it. But reading this post helps. So, thank you! Also, thank you for linking up!

  7. Andrea,

    I hit a bit of a wall two weeks ago with my workouts. I let work get in the way, and then I got frustrated. Just keep moving and squeeze it in wherever you can. That is my motto.

  8. Good for you! I'm getting ready to re-start the C25K soon. I've done it before and I think it gets easier after the first 2 weeks. Found you through the SITS girls link-up, nice to meet you!


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