Sunday, January 6, 2013

Colorful me.

It's Sunday. I'm linking up with Jana today.

I'm timing myself. And talking about colors. Her optional prompt asked what color defines you. Me. Whomever. But I have more than one answer.


Green has always been my absolute favorite color. I love it and have since as long as I can remember. SO it's no surprise I wound up in a sorority whose color was green, right? And white and silver, but green. SO when we were asked our favorite color I never worried about slipping up. Green was my answer then and now.

Green is powerful and strong. Yet soothing and smoothe. (I almostalways put an e at the end of that. WHy do I do that? You know we're not supposed to fix our typos, right? Stream of Consciousness Sundays work that way.)


Green is smooth. It brightens my day, my eyes, my hair. I used to find it to be a go-to color for when I needed to dress up and feel good. A night out. A bar crawl. Whatever. Green sweaters and bodysuits (bodysuits!) with blue jeans. All not quite dressed up. Green flannels. Ha. Flannels, yes. Almost worse than or quite the same as bodysuits, I guess.

Back then, and before, as a redhead, I was always informed that I couldn't wear red.

Redheads can't wear red.


Why the hell not?

Sure I can. And pink, too, if I want to.

I think it started in my mid-late teens. A friend bought me a red sweater for my birthday. It threw me - I thought to myself - ugh, I can't wear that. I spent so much time not wearing red, that to see myself in it seemed odd.

And then I threw caution to the wind andgave it a go.

And you know what?

It works. Worked. Works. Both.

Damn this keyboard cover really screws with my typing.

I have a closet filled wth red sweaters that my mom bought be - me - annually or - for Chanukah to celebrate that and Christmas and the holiday season. A LOT of 'em.

And they look damned good on me.

As does pink. Or eevn orange.

Orange? Yes. Orange. It works for me, too. And purple. Dark or light. Purple sems to come from the soul. Seems. Damn. I make a lot of typng errors with this thing. And you know what? It's PINK, damn it.


So I'm done. For now. I think eventually I might be able to really write something pretty about colors and me and how they represent and/or define me. But in five minutes I'm a slacker and so I'll stick with what I've got so far. Please come back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

I'm participating in a #lifelist linky tomorrow. I'd love for you to join me and some of my bloggy peeps. It'd be awesome. In the meantime - Happy Sunday!


  1. This is a wonderful look at colors. My sister's a redhead and she pushed back on all the "you can't wear that" myths, too! Although blue will always be her best color!

  2. Ok, take two on commenting! The first attempt didn't go so well from the iPad. Ugh.

    I think all I said the first time was that we share a favorite color! I love green, particularly avocado green! When I lived with my parents as a teen, I painted my whole bedroom that color, and I had green curtains, green picture frames all over the walls, and so on. It was awesome (and probably ugly, to my parents).

  3. Green has always been my favorite color. Even when everyone loved pink...and then purple...and then blue. It's always been green for me.

    I think we were destined to be friends!!

    Ps. I got a new laptop right after Christmas because my laptop died and I make SO MANY TYPOS because they keyboard is different. The keys are flatter or something...blech. I'm feeling you on the whole typo thing. ---Lisa


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