Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rambling ...

I'm sitting here staring at a blank page.

I've started and stopped. Deleted. Started again.

It's that weird time of the year. The holidays are beautiful, wonderful, special, so much more.

I really just want to bake cookies, drink hot chocolate spiked with pumpkin liquor, (though I've been doing coffee so far) and eat the cookies I've baked.

I might even try the infamous no-bake oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate whatever-they're-called-its.

I tried them twice a few years ago, with no luck.

This weekend I made the Ritz cracker-cookies. Ever make them before?

I never had, but they really are so super easy.

Thanks to Amiyrah over at 4 hats and frugal for the reminder that they were an option. Click on over and she's got the recipe and the step-by-step for you.

For me? The best combo was semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted, for the "coating," and omg, fluff-like filling. I used Kraft Jet-Puffed cream or whatever it is called. Marshmallow middle. Dude, they taste like a ... uhm ... Mallowmars cookies.

Mellowmars? No. I am pretty sure it's Mallowmars. But I kind of like the Mellowmars mentality a little bit better. It just sounds right. Add in something warm and cozy, and some twinkling lights and relaxing, soothing music and you're good to go. Or I am. Kind of.

Anyway, where was I? Right, these are SO freakin' good. I need to get more chocolate chips. The vanilla ones I made I used Candi-Quik. Those are good, too, but the chocolate are better.

I'm planning on making some rocky road no-bakes, too. That's my name for them. I don't even know what to really call them, but they're SO good. I need a few minutes to get that done.

I actually have a few minutes, and instead I'm writing this post, and watching General Hospital. Because catching up on it is a good thing. Except some of the storylines are SOOO ridiculous. Blech. And others are fun and entertaining, and so on. And I'm avoiding the cooking/baking/prepping of the cookie items because I know I'll eat them. Probably too many of them.

Do you consider allergies when it comes to giving baked or non-baked goods as gifts these days? Seems like so many people have them now, and peanut butter is so much fun to work with. Not really - it's a mess - it just makes everything taste better, I think. Like everything. Ever given your kid ants on a log? Go for it. If s/he is like mine the PB will be the first thing to go!

Have you done all of your holiday shopping yet? We're mostly done here. After all, we're already on the fourth night of Chanukah tonight, and I've got that all covered. Christmas is coming and I think we're close to being ready for that, as well. It's tiring. Certainly. But we enjoy celebrating and it's worth it. And then sometimes it slips away from us and the huge hustle and bustle gets to me and I'm burned out and tired and slayed. Slayed? Slay-ed ... HA! Sleighed. I kind of like that better.

Humor. It's what gets us through sometimes, right?

For now I'm going to post just cause I'm in the mood to. And tomorrow I'll link up with Shell for Pour Your Heart Out. Because even though this isn't a heavy heart-ful post, it's got all of the things on my mind covered. For now.

Laytah, peeps! And a Happy Chanukah and a Ho! Ho! Ho! to you and yours.


  1. You are so dang cute, I can't stand it! Thanks for linking to me. I'm glad you liked the cookies. Also? I love that one of your tags for this post is "chocolate." You rock.

  2. I love your pictures at the end!! Happy Chanukah and Ho Ho Ho! You sleigh me! :)

    I just got an invitation to a cookie swap and my palms are sweating. I am not a good baker but I want to go just for fun. I can't do the peanut butter thing over here because my son is allergic. I'm screwed!!! (but maybe I could do something along the line of the Mallomars) --Lisa

  3. Visiting from Pour Your Heart Out. This post sounds like my mind on a daily basis. I once tried to write out everything that popped into my mind, but my hands didn't work as fast as my ADHD brain. I am a NC transplant too. I actually grew up in VA, moved to Louisiana, then MD, then here. And trying to get back to Louisiana...


  4. Lots of things going on with you! :)

    I do adore peanut butter. It really does make everything taste better!

  5. I love to bake. Unfortunately my family is very unadventurous when it comes to baked goods. They prefer chocolate chip cookies and brownies. BORING!

    I think a peanut allergy is one of the saddest allergies around. I can't imagine living without peanut butter!

  6. Now that you've shared all of that with us, you probably have way more space in your brain! Sometimes just writing helps me sort through my thoughts. But now? I have cookies on the mind!

  7. Rocky road no bake cookies, now those sound good!

  8. Ok I came to your site for inspiration and all I am feeling is hunger and envy that you've already made some of the cookie recipes I want to try. I was a bit suspicious of the ritz cracker in the cookie with the marshmallow fluff, but I will go with your recommendation!


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