Monday, September 24, 2012

Too much info.

I start off this morning trying to decide if I feel like bitching about my millionth sinus infection or just plain bitching in general.

This cough sucks. Royally.

I'm sitting here sipping peppermint tea and hoping it soothes my throat and my chest. Maybe.

And trying to sip in between coughing outbursts so as not to spit said tea all over my laptop. Cause that'd be bad, ya know?

I guess breathing would be nice, too. But it's not that easy.

I went to urgent care yesterday so I wouldn't have to wait to see my doctor this week and got the infamous Z-pack. It immediately took hold and started working. On my stomach. Ow.

My nose is slightly clearing in that I now feel like I've just inhaled an entire swimming pool and man that burns.

But the cough is ongoing and all I seem to do is try to breathe, unsuccessfully, and wind up peeing just a little bit. It's too much information, isn't it? But don't many moms find that they pee when they cough? Considering I was the kid who would laugh so hard I'd find myself running to the bathroom it is no surprise that this is now my life.

On a positive note, the coughing is fantastic ab-work. Seriously.

And the stomach is reacting so well to the meds maybe I'll lose a few pounds.

I know there was an ecard about that on Pinterest but I have no idea of the source and so I'll skip adding it here as there has been so much stealing happening these days online that I would not want to be lumped into that crap. If it's not yours don't take it. Don't show it like it is, okay? (Yeah, I'm talking to you, NickMom. For realz.)

And yes, I've been guilty of linking to Pinterest and that's not cool, either. I know it and I'm trying to make it better moving forward. I confess and it's good for the soul to do so, right?

What this cough is not good for is my back. Damn that hurts.

So last week I worked out every day from Monday through Friday. And then I got slammed with sickness. Makes me feel real good about working out, ya know? Ugh.

Anyway, hope you all had a better weekend than I did. And thanks for listening. Sometimes you just have to let it all hang out. The words and bitching - that is. Hopefully I'm not flashing anyone in any way that I wouldn't want the world to see. Cause that'd be bad. Really really bad.

p.s. I did get a lot of reading and writing done this weekend. Stay close if you're ready for some book reviews. I have a handful lined up for mah 'hood here. Peace out!


  1. It seems like every time I actually get to the gym on a regular schedule I get sick. I hope your cough goes away soon!

  2. boo. i hope you feel better soon. z-packs truly are a bit magical. and keep on with the working out. it'll help you feel better. when you can breathe that is. ;)

  3. Dude, that sucks...donkey nuts.
    At least you got medication to help clear that up. Actually, I found a recipe on Pinterest (funny you mention it) and it was to help clear colds and sinus infections. I never pinned it though. It was some sort of hot toddy concoction. Maybe search that?
    I hope that you feel better soon poodle.
    Boo germs.

  4. Feel better, my friend.

    Enlighten me. I am breaking blog ettiquette and possibly the law...why no linking to pinterest?

  5. I swear everyone in my house has some version of this cold/cough/congestion crap! It is seriously starting to grate on my nerves!
    Hope you are feeling better ASAP! :)

  6. Oh, you sound miserable. I wish I could bring you some soup. Or chocolate ;-) Feel better soon!

  7. Hi! You commented on my thread on SITS and it seems like I've seen you everywhere this week...You were critiqued on Momcomm! Nice to "meet" someone near me!


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