Monday, July 23, 2012

Playdates ... @ShotatLife

Isn't it easy and fun for us to plan a playdate in today's world?

All we have to do is text a mom-friend, call them, find them on Facebook or any other online social media method of connecting and we set something up in no time at all.

Our kids are healthy. Playdates spread germs. It's not the worst thing. A snotty nose? Yeah - us, too. Is it clear? Yep. Alright - let's get together.

Hit the park? Playground? Sure - I'll bring the wipes. Antibacterial hand sanitizer. We'll head to the splash-grounds after. Run home and pop them into the bath or shower. Easy clean-up.

See this little boy? See his runny nose? He's adorable, and he's happy, but is he healthy? Is he healthy enough that you'd let your little ones run around and play with him?

I'd love to think that we'd all say yes, of course! But ...

1 in 5 children around the world lack access to life-saving vaccines. 

Your typical playdate in other areas of the world?  Surely different than those we have here.

And yet ... look at these children.

They're happy. You can see how happy they are. 

But how well are they? 

How much disease is being spread from child to child across these kinds of playdates? 

Every year, 1.5 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases in developing countries. 

Why are these children not vaccinated? 

What can we do to help? 

How can we ensure that children all across the world have a Shot At Life? 

A shot at ...

Their first baseball game.
Their first school trip.
Their first ice cream cone.
Their first airplane ride.
Their first swim with dolphins.

Trip to Disney. High School prom. Training bras. Basketball games. Bus rides. Baking a cake. Licking the frosting. Cookie cutters. Running barefoot through the grass. Finger painting. Kiss from a dog.

The first time someone holds their hand.

Looks into their eyes.

Tells them they love them.

All of these things are amazing. Incredible. Emotional.

But what I really wish for for these kids?

Is a shot at their next birthday.

I am participating in a blogging carnival to promote awareness as coordinated by Shot@Life. I received no compensation for this post and am truly hoping to help educate and inform my readers - and myself - on all that is happening outside the immediate communities that surround us. And help support children all across this tremendous world. Because without us - what do many of them truly have? Please help.

All images were provided by Shot@Life. 


  1. Yes, we all want them to have a shot at life! MORE than a shot, actually!

  2. Love this. Glad to see other bloggers as passionate as I am about this. Great post!


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