Sunday, April 8, 2012

The one where I keep on keeping on ...

Well, I didn't give up. I just slowed myself down this past week. I didn't work out every single day because my body needed a few minutes (or more) to settle in a bit. I needed to remind myself that every day isn't required, but the more I move the better it will be for me.

And so I weighed in yesterday and am down 1.6 lbs. And as much as the scale and numbers shouldn't mean so much to me - I was pretty psyched. Yeah, I'll admit it. I WANT to see the scale flashing lower numbers. I need that as a reminder that what I am doing is working and I'm losing weight.

Yes, the clothing getting looser or fitting better will be great. And it's already happening and that's cool. It's fantastic, really. I am wearing t-shirts that were slightly small on me and I like that they fit better. It's not something I'll go screaming about, I'm not quite smaller in size yet, or if I am I haven't been able to determine it because I haven't really gone to try on any clothes or anything. But whatever - point being - it's working. And I am reminding myself that it will and it can continue to if I keep at it.

This week is Passover so I'm having a low-carb week. Lower than you'd ever expect a pasta and bread addict like me to have. We'll see how my body does after that, I suppose.

I keep trying to remember the exact weight I started at so I can have a better idea of how much I have really lost. It shouldn't matter. I keep saying that. But we all know it does, right?

But more importantly it's about healthy living. Life-style changes. Things like this little pretty pink image that I have here:

I do this now. I really do. Weird, no? 

It's not that bad - even when I take longer to order because I am clicking around on my phone (I'm not being rude, I promise, I'm just trying to make educated choices!) at the table. 

It's part of what happens to me. What's changed in my day to day. 

I may not be exactly where I want to be yet, but I am more educated and informed and moving a LOT more. And yesterday? My husband took my kiddo to the Monster Truck Show. And me? I stayed home and watched TV. Did household chores. 


I'm glad you asked. 

And I walked for an entire HOUR to the Wii Fit while catching up on some TV shows. Yeah. That was me. I'm pretty proud of me, too. 

So I hope you're having a good weekend. A good holiday. And don't overdo it. You'll feel guilty about it tomorrow if you're anything like me. You can still taste all of your favorites and enjoy without puffing out your belly like there's no meal tomorrow. And yes, I'm talking to myself more than I'm talking to you. But if you want to listen, hey, it's your call. Go for it. 

Thanks for joining me on my ride. I'm happy to not have to go it alone!

* As always my images are from my Pinterest acct. Either my Motivate Me! or Healthy Ways boards. 


  1. we? us? are in the same EXACT place right now. i'm trying desperately to lose weight and nothing is happening scale wise. however, i started measuring and sure enough, i'm losing inches. :) glad i found your blog and while i'm deleting many, i'll be adding yours. :)

  2. You're doing so great! You know - I have never tried Wii!

  3. You're doing it...your way. Rockstar!!!


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