Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's totally okay ... right?

I'm linking up with It's OK Thursdays today.

I was trying to come up with an actual post that suited my mindset and I just hadn't had a brainstorm yet and then I saw this meme and said, aha! That's it. ;)

Sooo ... here I go.

Its Ok Thursdays


... that I often sometimes let my daughter watch TV all day long while I entertain myself on the interwebs.

... that I enjoy reading how other parents let things slide, too, because it makes me feel that much better about where I'm at. (Right?)

... that my daughter asking if she can watch the movie with Andy and the dog made me happy and flashed me back to my own memories of singing "The Sun'll Come Out, Tomorrow" at random while running down the street with my very first best friend.

... that the idea of joining Facebook makes me almost physically ill and yet I know I'm going to just suck it up and do it already to create a page for my blog. Soon.

... that I'm looking at it as a silver lining that it's possible that I can reconnect with that friend once I DO get on Facebook. (I mean, I've gotta find something - right?)

... to stuff tissues in the waistbands of my sweatpants so I have them on-hand every second of the day because my allergies suck so badly that I need them every second of every day. Sigh.

... that my daughter sees Ellen on a commercial or two and says, "That's your girl!" OOPS.


... that when watching an episode of Ellen yesterday she (my daughter, not Ellen) got all excited and shouted CeeLo when she saw he was going to be a guest. Watch The Voice much, mom?

... to wish that all of the people I love in Blognia lived in the same community that I do so we could sit, chat, have coffee or tea or milkshakes (fine, smoothies) or wine together while our children played in the backyard (minus the dog poop), front yard or down the street in the cul-de-sac.

... to really REALLY mean that last one. That's okay, right?

Happy Thursday, everyone. Hope you're all well!

Also? It's okay that after all these years I pretty much remember every single word to not just the songs but the actual movie itself, right? "Mi, double S-I, double S-I, double P-I." Ah, Annie. Love her.


  1. Love this! I do all of these things as well. My kids love Annie. I dvrd it and they watch it all the time. They even sing the song when they are told to clean up. Lol

  2. I totally relate. Some days are tv days.

  3. Totally okay, to all of it! But I really, really, really like the idea of all your favorite bloggy people living in the same community. I could go for that myself :)

  4. Yes to ALL of the above.

    [We used to sing "It's A Hard-Knock Life" while doing the dishes...until our mom would yell "it's just dishes. And this isn't an orphanage!!"]


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