Monday, March 26, 2012

Untitled. Because sometimes I'm just not creative.

Another week gone by.

I wasn't too sure about this one because we had so much happening that I never got outside to run. On top of the 900 things we had going on, it also rained nearly Often more than once.

So I decided to bust out the ole Wii Fit.

And I don't have working batteries in the floor piece. The part you step on. Yeah - that one. So I decided to do my run/walks inside.

I didn't follow my C25K program, though that would have made SO much sense and took me an entire week to even think of (mega-Duh, seriously), apparently. But I was able to do the run/walk while actually catching up on some DVR-d TV shows.

I love this option on the Wii fit "games" - I really do.

And even though after my 30 minutes or so of run/walking I felt a little bit sore, I also felt damned good. Yeah, I did. I'm being honest. I actually LIKE working out.

I get angry with myself when I don't take the time - when I don't MAKE the time to get it done.

And I weighed in on Saturday morning and found myself 2.8 lbs down. I seriously got on and off the scale three times before I believed it. But it was true. Each time it was the exact same number, down to the tenth!

So I lost the .8 I picked up last week, and dropped two more. And I'm pretty excited about that.

Reminder for myself: Slow and steady wins the race. 

And yesterday I went to the gym specifically to work out. I know many people would wonder why I didn't just hit the streets. It was a fairly nice day, so I could have done so before the rains came. But sometimes hitting the treadmill works better for me. As was shown by the results after yesterday's Couch-2-5K run. I did a Week 5 (yes, FIVE) run-walk that consisted of three (yes, THREE) 5 minute jogs. Seriously. Walk for 5 for a warm-up. Jog for 5. Walk for 3. Jog for 5. Walk for 3. Jog for 5. Walk for 5 for cool-down. 

And I did it. 

What? Excuse me? 

I said I DID IT!

And to top that off, when I finished my workout, walked off the treadmill in a slight state of shock, someone stopped me and asked how long I run.

I was the only other person in the room, or I would have looked behind me.

Instead? I laughed. And proceeded to tell her about how I'm so not a runner. Why do we women DO that to ourselves? Why can't we simply accept a compliment? Eventually I did. And we talked about running clumsily, and my C25K attempts and so forth. And how I'm actually running now. And proud. And I can't believe it.

Stick in a few short sentences about how I wear two sports bras and we were chuckling away. It was only afterwards that I realized I didn't ask her her name.

But she told me - swore to me, in fact - that I "LOOK LIKE A RUNNER!"

Who me?

Of course, after that workout I proceeded to eat every and anything in sight. But today is a new day.

Hope you're all well and staying on top of your workouts, movement and healthy ways!

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  1. Oh great job! I am so happy for you! Also, embrace the soreness. It's an honor badge of your efforts. And a sign that you are getting STRONGER!

  2. Workout requires to you eat more. You're working against yourself if you starve :O) You know that though (or maybe thats what I tell myself when I eat half the city after working out) :O)

    AWESOME FOR YOU! Work it like the rockstar you are! I actually LIKE working out too. And I've found over the years, the more regularly I do it the more I NEED to do it. It is such a mood booster and if it hadn't changed my body it at least made me feel like it did!

  3. I have been horrible at exercising lately. I agree with your opinion of the gym being the best place for me to work out. I take it more seriously there.

  4. I love it! You are doing it. And I am so inspired by you!!!

  5. You totally rock! I just bought a FitBit, so I'm excited to start taking the fitness thing more seriously now! :)

  6. WAHOOO! That's all I have to say about that!

  7. WTG! Thats awesome keep up the great work. I will have to check out your pinterest for motivation. God knows I need it!

  8. WOOHOO!! Way to go! Keep up all the awesome work!

  9. Good for you!! I also get mad at myself when I don't get to exercise and this week is one of those weeks that even tho it's beautiful outside I've had no time thus far... heres hoping- it's only Tuesday :)

  10. Aw babe, I am so proud of you. You are amazing! I have been getting back into exercise myself, but you are inspiring me to give the C25K program a try!


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