Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remembering @whymommy

As many of you already know, the blog world has been rocked by the loss of the amazing @whymommy. Susan Niebur was an incredible woman, a fighter and a friend, and someone who touched so many with her words, her smile and her fight. Her blog, was a window into her world, and one worth peeking in.

I had the amazing luck of meeting her last June at Type A Parent Conference. I was working the registration desk when she checked in. I kind of felt like a dork when I took her name, and I said, Oh! Whymommy! Or something of that nature. Cheesy, right?

Her smile lit up my entire day. 

I'm serious. I could have been made to feel even dorkier than I already did, but Susan was not that way. She shook my hand, gave me a warm smile and even recognized my twitter handle. 

Seriously - little me? She knew who I was? No way!

And that was my teeny, tiny interaction with Susan. One that touched me and I remember to this day. 

She received the Bloganthropy award at that conference, and spoke in such a way that left not a single dry eye. She was powerful, touching and real. And she is already missed terribly. 

I send my love to her family and all of her friends missing her today - -and for many days to come. 

If you'd like to make a donation in memory of Susan, her family has asked that you do so to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Just click Donations & Fundraising for more information.

And if you'd like to read more memories of this amazing woman, you can do so here:

And here:

Type-A Parent

Rest in Peace, Susan. We miss you already.


  1. AN amazing light has dimmed. She taught us all how to embrace life. May her name always be sweet on your lips, my friend.

  2. This makes me wish I had stayed at the conference. It sounds like I missed an amazing talk.

  3. Beautiful tribute, friend.

    My heart hurts, too.

  4. What a lovely tribute. She is not a blogger with whom I am familiar. sounds like I missed out.

  5. I was so glad to have met her last year at Type A as well! She will be missed.


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