Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Sunday - you know what that means!

It's time for me to check in again.

I haven't weighed myself yet (writing this on Saturday night to get myself a head start). I am waiting for the Papa John's delivery guy to arrive. Did you know that 1 slice of Papa John's pizza thin crust is 230 calories? And if you go with the regular crust it's 290? That's for a large pizza - of course. I guess I'm pretty glad I like me some thin crust. Yum. I also add tomatoes and extra sauce to pump myself with lots of good antioxidants or whatever else I can benefit from. Helps me feel less crappy for indulging in fast and not-homemade foods.

So, this week I did a few workouts, a few random walks, and a few random other things, too:

Monday: I did some stretching in AM with my new resistance bands, which I sadly have not really used since then. Whoops. And then I did a 1 mile WATP workout.

Tuesday: C25K walk/run (Week 1); 10 mins Denise Austin cardio (which totally reminded me why I gave up on Denise Austin many moons ago. She's annoying as all heck!)

Wednesday: I skipped working out.

Thursday: Did a 20 minute walk/cardio while watching TV. I had great intentions and had recorded two new workout shows. 1/2 hr each. High hopes. And then I played the first one and it was some chick who was instructing some big and buff workout dude on push-ups. Nay. No thank you. Then I started the other one, kept watching even though she spoke about weights and I didn't have any. BUT when she started getting into talking about the soul and stuff, well, sorry. I had to turn it off. I have my own religious beliefs, but start quoting psalms at me while I'm trying to stay motivated on the road to fitness and we have to part ways. Seriously. Negative.

On Friday it was BEAUTIFUL out. So nice. Kiddo and I were outside for like an hour, so I counted that as an "average" 30 minute walk. Most of the time she was on her scooter and I was walking behind or beside her, so that was nice. Plus the fresh air and sunshine totally rocked.

Then today (Sat) I got outside early and did a C25K walk/run (Week 1). I am figuring on starting Week 2 officially next week. I think about 2-3 or so weeks of Week 1 is enough, don't you? Or at least I sure as heck hope so!

And if you don't follow me on Twitter (and why don't you - I must ask?) then you don't know that Bella are my Skele-Toes. She ate the straps off them last night and I am so saddened that this happened, BUT I am trying to stay positive and just stick to my sneakers. But if anyone knows a honcho over at Fila or any sports shoe store - lemme know. I would love another pair. Or love to try Vibrams. I'll sell myself for a pair. I'll even do a beautiful review and everything. Of course I had FINALLY done the C25K in them and they were faring well. Sigh. C'est la vie, right?

What's been up with all of you? How's January treated you so far? Any motivational resolutions for the coming month? Can you believe we're already this far into 2012?

** As always images obtained on Pinterest. Motivation is at your fingertips when you're there. Come join me!**


  1. Great week! You could try muting the tv and just putting on some music while watching the workout. Denise Austin is annoying.

    I have vibrams, but they give me blisters :-( I don't think I've broken them in very well or something.

  2. You got this, Andrea! :) Keep going! I saw a pin on pinterest (of course!) that talked about the changes that happen inside your body when you eat well and exercise; that weight is the LAST indicator of positive change, not the first. I will find it for you and tag you in it. It encourages me often. :)

  3. Andrea,

    Let me know if you are looking for some good advice on workout DVDs. They are fairly inexpensive and I have some that I really enjoy across all spectrums.

    You know what else, if you do watch television shows, use that time to work through a circuit you can cut from shape magazine or something. The time will go by fast and you won't feel denise austen chirping in your ear!


  4. For the record, I so believe in you, too! xo

  5. Good for you for working out so much. I've barely found the time these past few weeks and I'm definitely feeling it. Keep up the good work.

  6. Why does bad food have to taste so good? Keep up that motivation!!


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