Friday, January 13, 2012

Chocolate milk and smoothies

We make our smoothie together.

"I want you to share mine."

I've already had my own.

"But I have two straws."

Okay. I'll take a sip.
Sip. It's good. -- We smile.

"I want cereal"

We don't have milk.

"Apple cider in my cereal!"

That's gross. (I think it, don't say it.)


You can't have cider in your cereal. It's not a good mix.

"Ap-ple Ci-der!"


Open fridge. Aha!

I have a better idea!


Chocolate milk in your cereal!

"I never had this before!"
-- She really does *bold* [okay, emphasize] the word this. It's how she speaks sometimes and I love it.

I know. It's okay. It will taste good. (Of course it will. The cereal is sugary aka frosted mini wheats. My favorite!)

"Mmmn. Yum." Sounds just like those.

I'll have some, too.

"With your cereal?"

With my granola.
Splash. Big smile. It IS good. Mmmn.


Before I blink her cereal is done. Smoothie by the wayside, needing to be cupped up and put in the fridge. A small bonding moment passes as she runs out the back door to chase the dogs.

Chocolate milk in our cereal. Not one of my finest mommy moments, but one I will remember with hopes she does, too.


  1. a Lovely piece. I heart hearing about your daughter and this wonderful moment.

    My concrit would be:Instead of interrupting the flow of your narrative with "She really does *bold* [okay, emphasize] the word this. It's how she speaks sometimes and I love it." Just work it right in there: "She puts emphasis on 'this,' her small voice raising. I love it when she does."

    That way, as a reader, I stay 'in the moment with you.'

    Gotta say - love this. She may always remember that wonderful day when mommy put chocolate milk on cereal! And even if she doesn't, you will!


  2. Hmm, I now have a vague feeling that apple juice went on our childhood cereal at some point. Chocolate milk is much better! :)

  3. oh, absolutely. As any good Italian mom, I do a lot of bonding over food :-)

  4. Wonderful!!

    Chocolate milk is good with just about anything! Or strawberry...we do that one too. Anyway to get her milk serving in and I'm good!

  5. I love how they say stuff like "I've never had this before!" with such wonder :-)

  6. yum...I want chocolate milk with MY cereal now :)

  7. Chocolate milk is absolutely a bonding drink! I like the back and forth between what's going on in your head and what's actually being said in conversation, though I agree with Barbara that the comment about her emphasis could've been more smoothly inserted into the piece.

  8. What a great memory--I love how you describe your daughter's *bold* speaking. This was just perfect!

  9. I love it... it made me smile... I love those little moments when we do soemthing out of the ordinary and the kids think we are so much fun... doing something "bad" with them!

    My kids and I bonded over CFA Peppermint milkshakes this Holiday Season. We did A LOT of bonding :-)


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