Thursday, December 15, 2011

a writing prompt

I happened to see a tweet by Amy Oscar on Monday and noticed that she's got some really cool writing prompts over on her site. And when I saw this one I had to jump in.

A list of things I love in 400 words? Perfection!

And then I saw the post Amy used as an example and thought to myself, look - it doesn't even have to be in list form! Now, if you know me by now you'll know that I don't just like lists - because I totally do - and as Amy said, "
I have never met a writer who doesn’t make lists" - that's so true for me. I love them!

So, here's my attempt at 400 words of things I absolutely adore:

The smell of freshly baked goods. The first sip of an iced chai latte from Starbucks. My daughter's smile. And laugh. And her hair - oh G-d, her hair. When she first wakes up and it's completely crazy and all over the place and I can't run a brush of my fingers through it to save my life. Her sleepy smile. Her peaceful expression while she lays there, eyes closed. mind finally quiet. Adele. Warm hot cocoa and melty marshmallows. Moscato wine. Freshly polished nails. A foot massage. And throw in a back, neck, shoulder rub while you're at it. Ah, heaven. My dad's matzo ball soup. Mmmn, how I miss it. Snowflakes on eyelashes. That chill your legs feel the first time you come in from playing in the snow. Red, raw and so alive. Cherry licorice. Crescent rolls. Nutella. By the spoon. Pumpkin baked anything. Except pie - must omit the pie. My husband. The memories we make every single moment. Holding his hand. Remembering our early days together. His eyes. A cathartic cry. A really good book. When Harry Met Sally. Dirty Dancing. General Hospital. My DVR. The cold wind of a NYC day. Public transportation. Pizza. Bagels. Sweet tea. Hush puppies. Turkey burgers with melted swiss cheese and mashed potatoes with gray. Sweet potato fries. My sister-in-law. Our common bonds that we know we'd have despite the familial ties. My brother. My niece. My parents. New York City. Brooklyn. Chinese food. Frozen Hot Chocolates. My best friend. Wedding memories. My own. The dozen or so I have been *in* and those I have attended. Grow Old Along With Me - the first song I ever danced to with my husband when we were dating. Louis Armstrong. Wonderful World. George Clooney. Ocean's Eleven. Jason Bourne movies. My hair. Freshly washed. Scalp massages. Having my make-up done. College friends. Peanut butter and strawberry jelly. Walking barefoot in the grass. Whetstone Pond. My in-laws. Nieces. Nephew. Being out on our boat. The need for speed. Our dogs. Our cats. Our family. Traditions. Spending time with my mother alone. Fuzzy socks to keep my feet cozy. Fleece pajamas. A warm wooly scarf. Flip-flops. Bare feet through sand. The ocean. Swimming under water. Beach hair. The smell of sunscreen. Whipped cream. Marachino cherries. Avocados. A jet black sky. Dancing with abandon. Glee! The warmth of cinnamon. Photographs. Captured memories. Love.

I've also decided to link up with Shell this week for Pour Your Heart Out as I think this is the perfect post for that!


  1. What a great list :-) I do see one thing on there that wouldn't make mine, LOL.

  2. Oh hey, on your book montage I see The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - I just finished reading that yesterday! I liked it!

  3. This post is so swoon worthy.
    Makes me want to curl up in a warm blanket ;)

  4. Writing it in this format is phenomenal! I'm in awe of how you could actually think of all those things at once. It would take me a week to recall that many!

  5. I love this. Totally made me smile.

    And make me want some moscato. :)

  6. What a super fun writing prompt! I've seen a couple of these now. Just love it! Love the part about your daughter's hair, too. :)

  7. the spoon and Moscato wine... It's a Date! And we can so watch When Harry Met Sally or Dirty Dancing while we're at it!

  8. Oooh I don't know what I love best from your list...frozen hot chocolates or nutella. Both are amazing!

  9. Lovely. Just lovely.

    I heart you, you know that, right?

  10. Love, love, love this. So much I'm copying it. Hope that's ok. Amazing list of perfect things to love.


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