Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Find your moments

For some reason this picture of my daughter has been haunting me since I took it last week. First, I took it with my phone and just keep looking at it in awe that my new phone captured such a great shot.

And then there is the non-technological aspect of the picture. Just look at her.

The hair. You can't miss the hair. These days I look at her, or I take her picture, and all I see is her incredible hair. And when I see that hair, I see myself. I see me of so many years ago. I see her smile, I see my own. I see her eyes and it's like a reflection.

I know she looks like her father. I know my husband was a part of this, too.
Seriously, he was. No worries there! But looking at her, seeing her as a little girl who is growing up ... there is so much of me that I see. It reminds me of who I was. The parts of me I don't really remember being.

I'm amazed that I helped create this individual who is full of energy and fire. Full of emotion and intensity. Full of initiative and desire. This spitfire who doesn't stand still for a moment. My mom says that was me, too. That I climbed porches and ran up to people and did whatever was in my head and heart and I just had to do.

I wish for my daughter so many things. Too many to add to a photograph this small, (although I finally figured out I could do it on Picnik the same way I *mark* my photos, yay!) but I can whittle the list down to what is of the most importance for me - for her - for right now.

There is, however, one (or maybe two) thing missing from this, because Picnik decided to be non-cooperative, so I missed the line of our current favorite song.

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers.
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers ...

And for that I say, Thank you, Taylor Swift!

So, what moments and memories are you trying to capture for your children? Your family? YOU?

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  1. I really love this picture! She is so in the moment! What wonderful words you chose to describe her.

  2. I love that you saw her photo and thought of all that and how it was a reflection of you. I love how you write, girl. I do.

  3. Andrea? Your soul is stunning.

    As is your sweet girl, and these words, and this photo, and yes the hair.

    But your should is what stands out right here. Stunning.


  4. How adorable is she? I love how you posted the pic twice with and without the words. Fabulous and who doesn't love Taylor Swift? I mean, how can you not!

  5. I am impressed at how in touch you are with something that is so very precious. Her childhood. We Nanas out here know how fast this time goes. Hold on to it. Cherish it. Even the exhausting moments. It sounds like you already know this and I think you are one of the lucky ones.

    One of my favorite country songs is Trace Adkin's "You're Gonna Miss This" because once it's gone...there's no going back.

  6. Such a gorgeous moment captured. And her hair! Yes, her hair.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

  7. It is a great photo and I, too, love the hair, because for so long she didn't have any! :)

    I LOVE, LOVE this idea... I have some FABULOUS photos from my sister's wedding and I need to sit down with them and do one for grandparents for Christmas.

  8. You are so right that picture is captivating. Something about the look in her eyes. You can just tell she will be an amazing woman...just like her momma! :)

  9. Such a great picture! I love how you got the words on the photo too. How do you do that?

  10. Cute!

    What would we do without the camera's on our phones? Seems like we'd miss all sorts of perfect moments just like this one!

  11. She is perfect. I love how well you captured her spirit!


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