Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meh ...

I'm bored. I can't figure out what to write so I'm just sort of sitting here saying to myself, should I actually write anything? Yeah, I suppose I should - but to write just for the sake of writing? I mean, what's there to say?

I actually do have some updates, I can bore you with. Hopefully you'll find them interesting and remember that eventually I'll have some more fun(ny?) stuff to say.

* We started the kiddo in soccer this past weekend. It was really cute. Hubby took Friday off, which was nice, and we went out for breakfast. It was way less rushed than a weekend morning tends to be, maybe because the rest of the world was at work? I don't know - something like that. Anyway, after that we signed her up for Saturdays, and then we went to a tumble gym, which she totally enjoyed. As did we. Sort of. After a while we were spent. My husband was ready to split, and I was trying to make a new friend. For me. It's weird how that all works, isn't it? Friends as an adult? It's a hot topic everywhere I look these days. Maybe I'll use that for a future blog post (PYHO, anyone?) or something. I'm just not ready to get into it right now.

* Soccer on Saturday was adorable. She's in a group with 3-4 yos. She's an older 4 in there, I think. But she was too cute. There are only three more sessions, as we jumped in halfway through to test it out, see if she likes it. I highly recommend that as an idea. Seriously good way that costs less money to test a sport or activity out for your child. If the business permits it, and why wouldn't they? Money's money if they have the open spots, right? I'd say - anyway. She enjoyed it and is looking forward to this week's session/lesson.

* We skipped swimming on Sunday. Not because we were so exhausted from soccer, but just because Sunday seemed to overwhelm us. The husband had a headache and was in bed early on Saturday night, and I was up late reading (more on that - stay tuned) til after two. Too late. Definitely. Anyway, we went to get lunch, did some grocery shopping, had a decent day til she had another somewhat meltdown. Damn, it was so hot out, I wanted to melt down, too. But we survived. For the most part.

* Now, back to that reading. About a month or so ago I picked up Sisterhood Everlasting, by Ann Brasheres. It's a fifth and final (I assume) book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. And man. It was difficult. I started it and I was so excited. Beyond excited. And then I hit a turning point in the book - one that happened really early on - and I HATED it. And yet I kept reading. Well, not right away, but after I decided against throwing the book out the window, in the trash, or wherever else I could hide it from myself. How could she do this to the characters I loved so much? Regardless of it being set as adults, ten years later? It was horrible. I continued reading just because I was waiting and waiting for redemption. She had to change it. Make it better. Give me a reason. And she didn't. She just kept it going. It was hard to read, and I don't know why I did - but hey, I had to finish. THIS is why I don't do book series(es? How to make that plural - or not!). Awful. But she got what she wanted, I'm sure. Everyone's gonna be talking about this story. And at the same time, I can't talk about it without giving away spoilers. And although I totally WANT to, I respect an author's journey enough not to. Even though her nice, neat ending of wrapping it all up left me wanting. I didn't buy it. Seriously. Sorry, Ann. I don't know that I will move forward with any of your books. You've hurt me. Crushed me-my spirit some. Knocked the wind out of my sails. Kind of like when Jennifer Weiner blocked me on Twitter and though I was one of her biggest fans I now won't buy any of her future books or recommend her old ones anymore. That was more personal, and yet this book, this story, what happened to these characters - felt more real. Sorry.

I'm sorry - I just read that paragraph like 5x to try to find the right spot to break it into two paras and I can't do it. It may seem like a ramble, but I just can't do it. So I totally understand if you skimmed. If I were reading it I probably would have, as well.

OK, so that's that. I should fill this post up with some pictures of the wee one playing soccer or tumbling or walking on a "balance beam" on Friday/Saturday, but I haven't loaded them yet, so you'll have to stay tuned. Tomorrow could be a Wordless Wednesday after all.

** Thanks to Beyonce for being my background music as I typed. She motivates me always, so this was perfect! **


  1. What happened with Jennifer Weiner? Did you write about it and I missed it? I really like her books but now I'm rethinking reading more.

    Enjoy the soccer. I coached my son's 3-4 year team. Tough work to get them to focus but fun.

  2. You mean you finished up the other slow one only to pick up yet another slow book? Geez, this is not your summer of book love, is it?

  3. We are hoping to start JDaniel in a intro to sports program this fall. It should be fun.

    Sorry about the book.

  4. This is like one of those journal posts...free writing...only its free typing...you just start and go with it. Some of my best journal entries start this way.

    It really is so terribly disappointing when you love a book and its journal so much and the series just kills it.

    Is it Friday yet?

  5. Oh lord! Now I'm afraid to read it, because I can just imagine what the turning point was.

    And Jennifer Weiner blocked you! Why? That's crap! :)

  6. I remember my daughters at that soccer age. We coached the 3-4 year olds. They are so darling. They run in a pack.

    Nothing more disappointing than finding out a book you were looking forward to is not all you hoped it would be. I give them about 30 pages, and then ptich them, if they don't grab me. Too many other one out there.

  7. How frustrating about the book! It always feels like a waste of time when I read a book (or worse a series) like that.
    And how cute about the soccer program. I would love to get our 4 year old daughter in the soccer program, but she would have to be in kindergarten and that's not 'till next year.

    Thanks for linking up at my Not Going to BlogHer Linky! (Sorry I'm so late in visiting - it's been crazy lately!) Have a great rest of the week!


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