Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rhythm Unrecognized

So many nights ... I sit by my window ... waiting for someone ... to sing me a song ...

My mom stands by the kitchen sink. Water running. Dishes clanging softly against one another.

So many dreams ... I kept deep inside me ... alone in the dark ... but now you've come along ...

I stand by the stairway. At the other end of the house. In between us the living and dining rooms. She doesn't even know I am there.


Her voice carried across the house. I had heard her upstairs. Peaking at just the right moments. Just the right words.

You give me HOPE. To car-ry ON.

And I know that she is thinking of her own mother. Who sang these same words.
You light up my DAYS.

Maybe doing this very same thing.

And fill my niiiights. With song.

Years later. The DJ calls her name. I walk over to her. She in a dazzling silver. Me in a fluffy white.

Rollin' at sea, adrift on the water.

I reach out, hold on tightly. Tears fill our eyes.

Could it be finally, I'm turning to home?

My mom looks up, sees her aunt sitting at a nearby table. Gestures for her to join us. She stands, walks over. We join arms, create a tiny circle.

Finally a chance. To say, HEY! I love you.

My mom motions to the top of her dress. Pulls out a small photograph.

Never again. To be all alone.

It's her parents. My grandparents. My great aunt's sister.

And YOU. Light up my life.

We all wipe tears from our cheeks.

You give me HOPE.

Hugs and kisses among us.

To carry ON.

I look up and think of my grandparents.

You light up my DAYS.

I miss them as they miss my special day. Special moments.

And fill my nights.

But I know they are here with me always.


Years later I find myself standing at the sink in my own home.

It can't be wrong.

My daughter playing in the living room.

When it feels SO right.

The words come to me so easily.

And you ...

I hear my mother's voice.

You LIGHT. UP. MYyyyyyyy.

I look across the house, watching my own child, dancing around to the sound of my voice.


And the memories live on.


  1. now I have a song I am not sure I even know in my head!

  2. This post is pure awesomesauce!!!

  3. Well done. I could just see your Mom going about her chores and singing her song. It's a good one. One we Moms can all understand. Makes me miss my Mom and love my girls all the more.

  4. Well, you've gone and made me cry. This is particularly poignant for me because my sister is getting married this weekend!

  5. I'm bawling too. This is so beautiful. The words, the song, the memories, blend so perfectly together.

  6. holy crap this brings tears to my eyes! :) soooo beautiful!!

  7. I am crying too. This is so beautifully written.

  8. Beautiful! I'm also crying. I love hearing about traditions that transcend generations.

  9. Oh my this is beautiful! The song, the love, the emotion, the memories.

    Really beautifully woven!

  10. Loved it. I just loved it. What special, intimate moments you shared with us.

    I particularly love how you used the song to tell the story. It was so effective.

  11. Interweaving the lyrics provided an emotional framework for your text. Beautifully done.

    And I too love how this continues l'dor vador -- from generation to generation.

  12. OMG... you have me in tears!! What a great post!

    Great minds do think alike!


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