Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I learned ... Part I.

On that last night of Type A Parent conference I decided that I wanted to take all of the tweets (either my own or those by others) from the various informative sessions and compile them into a post. And so ... here goes. It's a bit of what I found to be the most important tidbits from the sessions I did attend. I am quite sure you will find loads more at the hashtag here: #typeacon

Send your reviews TO the companies. Good AND bad. Generate interest. Want them to know you exist. -

Quoting @cecilyk at #typeacon Brands need to remember that bloggers are required to disclose, and they could get in trouble if they don't.

Bloggers should expect professionalism, communication, understanding of yr values & importance of disclosure.

You got them, bring them back. know your audience. - @heathersolos

Just finished incredible session
@childhood. Reminds us that nobody does exactly what WE do.

Reach the person in the way back of the room to guarantee you reach everyone else in the room.
Words of wisdom from @barbieangell

Write your ideas down AS you come up with them.

Want your brand to be solid & your topics to be strong. Brand=you

Social media is not something that we do, it is something that we are. -

As a personal blogger I was able to change focus as my life evolved. Go with your passions.

My blog is my sandbox, it's my place to play. --

If you feel you are worth more than just your traffic + reach let the business know, professionally. Don't be afraid-

Amazing-businesses are still asking bloggers not to disclose. "Can't believe we are still talking about disclosure." -

Connecting with people locally is of great importance.

If we want to be taken as professionals we need to act professional EVERYWHERE. -

@Childhood Kelly Loubet “
@goodgirlgonered 2nd time I've heard the importance of #LinkedIn @childhood @dbinkowski Still torn on that but thinking.” -do it!

@goodgirlgonered: Don't think being a Mommy blogger is a negative. @TedRubin / it's not! As long as u operate professionally.

Be inspired by those around you, the blogs that you read. -
@MyGOMOM But I think she also means 'you do you.' My interpretation.

We have created a totally different landscape of choices for our children. -

I don't do it all, I don't want to. I don't think any of us do it all.

Stick a post-it note with why you blog by your computer.

You can't be all things to all people. -
@mom101 And that is okay. Brands appreciate that.

Just reading an email does not waste your time. Limit how you voice your frustrations.

There is enough bandwidth to go around for all of us. There's not one person out there who ONLY reads ONE blog. -

I plan on following up with some tweets and tips that I grabbed off of Twitter from those sessions that I did not attend. Thing about this kind of conference is that you simply cannot make it to everything. I hope this "summation" of the twitter discussions from my perspective works to help many of you who were not at the event to get a feel of what were the hot topics and what was important to me while I was there!


  1. I'm SO impressed you tackled the tweet summary post! Wonderful tips here!

  2. I took ALL my notes via twitter so I need to read my entire stream for my post...which I swear will be forthcoming.

  3. Enjoyed UR post. I wanted to meet you, but I didn't get a gone it all to hell in a handbasket! Was that redneck? I tried... OK. coming over the Blog Hop...hope you hop over to my blogging playground for a peek. xxoo

  4. Great way to write a blogging conference summation! Very clever and informative :)


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