Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mama Kat's WW: Blogging Challenges

I've decided that today is the perfect day to take on Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, as this prompt is just calling to me after my long weekend at Type A Parent Conference.

* What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Wouldn't it be easy for me to say everything? But that would so not be true.

I love blogging. I love writing. I love being me. I love revealing more of who I am to the world at large, or the 400 or so people who may choose to read me on any given day. Or something like that.

I love reading what other people have to say - about themselves, their family members, their friends, books, TV shows, their jobs, their wishes, hopes and dreams. And whatever else is on their minds.

I love connecting. I love putting myself out there and receiving even the tiniest bit of validation in return.
I love commenting. I love reminding people that their words are being read, even if it's just by me.

I HATE no-reply-at-blogger ... uhm, yeah. That's a pet peeve as if I can't get back to you or figure out where you blog or how to email you it's going to drive me somewhat crazy. And with so many people moving to WordPress, that is definitely difficult and showing up more often. I wish there were a way to adjust things so at least I'd know their URL info when they comment.

I'm not the hugest fan of captcha either, and think that people would fare better with comments when they remove that and moderate if they are that worried about spam. I was a late convert to that as I figured it would cause mayhem, but all is well in the GGGR world. Whew. It's all good. (Knock on wood 3x or something like that!)

And sometimes I would say the most challenging thing about blogging is ME.

That would be my answer. Because you know what? It's MY blog. MY space. I put the criteria up for myself. I set myself up to fail. I am the only one who can tell me that I'm too small, too fluffy, too easy, too whatever else I might categorize myself as on any given day.

I learned a lot of things this past weekend at the conference. My very first blogging conference experience. But I also learned that it's okay to just be me. I may not be as big a blogger as some, or as small as others, but the same way I convince myself to accept my size, my motivation or lack thereof, and who I am inside and out, I need to do the same with blogging.

I need to remind myself that I belonged at that conference in Asheville. I belong out here in the blogosphere. I belong wherever I deem myself as belonging. I am worthy. I'm special. I'm me. And I am not going to challenge that anymore.

Or at the very least, not as often as I have in the past. Because damnit, I'm good enough. I'm sweet enough. I'm cute enough. And people like me. So there!

p.s. For anyone looking for my South of Superior review, it's coming - just hang tight!


  1. Cute, fabulous, relatable- love this!

    So there right back 'atcha!


  2. Yay! Love this! I have been on an extended blogging break because I haven't felt "good enough" to be a blogger. This is what I've been feeling. Thank you! I needed this today!!

  3. Yes, of course you belong, girlie!

    If you change your comments to allow for anonymous(I know, I know- but blogger's spam filter really does catch most of them) then that also adds another option- allowing people to comment with name/url.

  4. oh boy does the No Reply thing get me too. ARGH!

  5. "I belong wherever I deem myself as belonging"...... I absolutely LOVE this statement and it really hit me where I needed it to. This translates into SO may areas of life and I think when we truly grasp it those other areas it can't help but spill over into blogging as well...or vice versa ;O)

    And Shell is right on the Blogger catching the anon spam stuff. I haven't had any problems with that (knock on wood)

  6. Stopping by from Mama Kat's…

    I think you said it best by saying it is yourself that is the biggest challenge.

    I too hate it when someone says something clever as a comment and I have no way of replying to them. What is worse is that I like to keep in touch with those who choose to follow me and it is impossible if they do not have an e-mail address to send to.

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. I need to do Mama Kat's sometime - I've never linked up w/ it.

    Of course you're worthy and we like you! I've been hanging out around GGGR for over a year now and lovin' it!

  8. I thought you were something big when I met you at the conference and I still do. You went out of your way to welcome people and make them feel at home at the conference and on your blog.

  9. being myself is probably my biggest challenge too. i don't want to share to much cuz it's out there for the world to see. but i don't want to share too little because i want to connect with people. Oh blogging...

  10. I love it! I've got to remember this you be you thing. :)

    I also hate no-reply-commenter.

  11. I concur... Captcha is annoying. This is a great post and a good reminder that our blogs are our spaces. I know I tend to get too hung up on trying to write what I think people will like instead of what I want to. Thanks for this!

    Stopping by from TRDC.

  12. I think sooooo many of us feel these things--whether we admit it or not, Andrea. So glad you went to the conference and wish I could've been there, too.


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