Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stream of Consciousness: Who am I?


I'm ready. I haven't done a post for SOC for a while, as Sundays are family day for us, and so I honestly just sort of go with it and forget to blog. But since blogger was asleep on Friday when I would normally post, and I have been under the weather these last few days I figured it was time.

I think about what blogging means to me and I have been saying to myself that what I really want to do is get back to talking about me and my family. And motherhood. What's wrong with being a mommy blogger? After all, isn't that what I am? A mom who blogs?

I'm always so intrigued about the labels and niche that women put themselves in. I don't ONLY talk about motherhood, but lately I don't seem to talk about it that much at all. Interesting how that works. I've shifted to fiction, which I love and am grateful to the #TRDC ladies for prompting me to get back into. Prior to meeting them I had actually started writing a story of sorts for myself, to see what happens to it.

But then I realize when I find myself pressured to maintain a weekly post, or two, or ten, that's when I lose track of me. Lose sight of who I am and why I blog. So I write when I want to, and about what I want to, and support those that do whatever it is that they do.

So even if I come by only once in a blue Sunday. Fadra knows I love her "meme" and enjoy it. Just as much as I enjoy The Red Dress Club, and Capturing the Everyday with Adventuroo, and Muffin Tin Mondays which I rarely get back to anymore. Same with Pouring my heart out with Shell. It's got to be about me, and when the mood and timing is right, the memes work for me. And the prompts. And when it's not - well, I'm still here - supporting and writing and just being ME.

And would you look at that? My five minutes are up. This may not have appeared to be a stream of my consciousness, but I can honestly say I did not sit down with the intention of writing about this. I honestly was about to say how our regular Sunday was on hold while my husband was off to pick up a free Queen-sized mattress for our guest bedroom that someone was giving away. The saint that he is. While I sit here and can't breathe and my child is playing Christmas games on the iPad. Fun times. Thanks for reading. And now I'm over a minute - but I kind of had to go there. Couldn't help myself!

Enjoy your Sunday, bloggers!


  1. I really like this post...because I feel like you do about blogging. I have to do it when I want to and write about what I want. I love the memes and assignments because they are refreshing and some weeks they are all I do but I like honestly like not fitting into any particular blogging box.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. When I feel pressured to blog, to perform, to punch out 2-3 post a week, I lose interest. I lose sight of who I am and why I'm blogging. I think you're take on blogging is much more enjoyable so I'm sticking with you girl!

  3. I hear ya! Whenever I start to put restrictions on what I blog about, or try to fit into a nice neat label, my blog becomes something that doesn't really represent me... Also, I love your blog title. Myself, I'm more of a redneck gone good girl ;-)

  4. There is always that struggle about keeping your voice and style when blogging and loosing track of who you are. I've gone through 3 transitions (perhaps more), where I have strayed from my natural writing voice. But those transitions really helped narrow my focus down...and reinforce who I am as I write. And that in itself has helped keep my writing schedule consistent :)

  5. I've been pretty lazy about my blogging lately and just write about what we do that day without putting much thought into it. Kinda in a rut I think.

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

  6. I agree with you. If I feel pressured to write, I find myself stuck. I do much better when I'm writing for me, AS me.

    Came from SOCS!

  7. I couldn't agree with you more. I've learned that unless blogging is about me and fitting easily within my life, then it easily because an unwanted hassle, a burden even. Just do what you can and remember to do things to keep your blogging journey your blogging journey, if that makes sense.

    I'm here from SOC and hope you are enjoying your Sunday .

  8. I'm just getting started with blogging, and for me, for the moment, the "meme"'s are working. I don't know if that'll last forever, because I fear exactly what you are avoiding. I really enjoyed your post and am glad you're staying to true to yourself.

  9. Yay for saying what you want to say, when you want to say it. Blogging was never intended to box us into a neat definition.

    At least, I've never seen it that way.

  10. I think blogging just goes in waves. Sometimes we have more to say and sometimes it's just easier to churn stuff out with a meme. And it's all okay! Sometimes I've felt pressure to get something posted but then I'm like, why? Is the world gonna end cause I posted on Tuesday instead of Monday? Nah.

    Great SOC and thanks for the mention!

  11. Really good post, Andrea! You know I've been struggling some of late and I, too, feel a little like I got away from my purpose. Trying to recenter... with less than a month of school left, hopefully I'll have more time!


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