Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Lost Girls ~ Book Review

I am totally and completely loving this book. If you've ever had a dream to travel the world, and like me, never had the chance to truly do so, you'll find yourself living vicariously through Jen, Amanda and Holly. Obviously I'm on a first name basis with these ladies, there's no need for their last names at this point (all you have to do is click the image of the book cover above for more details).

We meet them in NYC, which, right off the bat, is a joy for me. I'm homesick - what can I tell you? They are my complete opposites as I read this. They want to escape the big city, I long to return to it. (Only for a brief while!) They're single, child-less and working like fiends, I'm married, a mother and a stay-at-home mom. They're approaching 30. I've been there and done that.

In fact, skimming some of the reviewers who also read this book for TLC book tours, I found A Bookish Way of Life, who has prompted me to create a 40 before 40 list! I'm excited! This book has spurred motivation in ways that surprised even me.

The "girls" - who are truly women and strong ones at that - have a plan. Their plan is to travel around the world over an entire year and do all the things that they have wanted to do. We join them as they trek through the country-side, dance the night away, share their beds with chickens (literally), volunteer their time, and motivate young girls.

We are riveted as they manage to engage with people who don't speak their language. We are emotionally overwhelmed as they lose jobs, lovers and realize just how much they have left behind. We find ourselves touched by the connections they make as they move through their days, and the bonds they strengthen between them.

These three women are not lost. They're doing something many a woman and man have longed to do. Obviously by now they have "done' this already. And because of that I had to move along and dig around and find out more about them. What are they up to now? Well, take a peek [I promise that even though you might start feeling annoyed with them when they're all together it's really just envy. Or maybe it's awe? Sigh. I know I want to hate them because I'm somewhat jealous of their experiences, and, well - don't. Or try hard not to!] ...

Video can be found on the Lost Girls website.

So, in summary, if you're prone to sitting on your @$$ and wishing you had motivation, money or inspiration, look no further. The Lost Girls is the book for you. These women will help you find it. Or at the very least remind you that anything is possible.

I'm starting to sound like a keynote speaker at a college graduation, aren't I? Come to think of it, if you know a young girl about to graduate, do her a favor and buy her this book. I wish it was something I'd read back in the early 90s. Ehem. What? I told you I'll be 40 soon!


** I was not compensated in any way for this review. I was provided a copy of the book to facilitate the review by TLC Book Tours. All opinions expressed are completely my own.**


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  2. Whew! It finally loaded and I can enjoy my Saturday morning after all : )
    If you like to travel vicariously, come August start following Corinne's blog, she will be in Madagascar for a semester living with a family for a bit, then rural villages and ending on the southern coast while she does independent research on the effect of the sapphire mining industry's effect on the environment and ecosystems....sigh....oh to be a 20 something in 2011....I doubt she will be able to blog consistently, I imagine connectivity is lacking!

  3. Ooh, I love the idea of giving this as a graduation gift - it might inspire a young woman to actually plan her own trip!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for being on the tour.


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