Monday, March 14, 2011

Shop123go ~ Product Review

So a few months ago (My apologies as I'm so horribly late in reviewing!) I was approached to review some products from

I received the following shift convertible tote in blue:

And I love it! It's very similar to some other grocery bags that I have and what I love most about it is how it folds up so compactly and can fit in my handbag whenever I am out and about and don't know if I might need a tote for an unexpected shopping trip.
My only "wish" for this bag was that it had a drawstring or something that would guarantee that it wouldn't open up or unfold in any way. Otherwise the size, the material, all of it was perfect.

The second item I received for review is the
Crossover Tote Backpack.

This bag is really cute, and in theory should be an excellent idea. I like being able to turn the bag into a backpack, but I had a few issues with the whole experience. First and foremost, because of the way the straps work, the tote handles are kind of difficult to maneuver when you keep it in "tote" form. It's actually -- surprisingly -- much better functioning as a backpack. I think for some basic day-to-day use it could be a great bag.

But the one issue I had with it in this style is that there is no way to close the bag. Maybe it's my NYC paranoia resurfacing, but I know if I ever walked around with this bag in front of my mom she'd be right behind me making sure nobody grabbed anything out of it.

I fully intend to give it a few more test runs this spring and summer, when the weather is nice enough and I can take it to the pool and stuff some towels and extras in there without any concerns of anything falling out.

It's also a perfect place to put all your reusable grocery shopping bags, convertible totes or other kinds. I have found that when I hit the store for a big trip it's a space saver to not have to shove these in the cart before checking out, I can just stick them in the bag and pop it on my back, with my hands free to do my shopping and couponing!

Overall, the site itself has some really cute bags. I definitely plan to make my way over there as the season changes and I hope to get myself something adorable like this shopping tote for the spring or
this cute beach bag for the summer. I hope you'll head on over and check them out.

Happy shopping!


  1. I love bags! I would amass them by the multitudes! Both of these looks great and I love the portability of the resuable one. I need something that folds (read: squishes and wads up) to fit inside whatever else I'm toting around.

  2. I am a definitely a bag girl! Cute stuff - thanks for sharing!


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