Friday, March 11, 2011

The Beast

I waited, sitting still for the few minutes that she was inside. I expected to wait longer, but she came out fairly quickly.

"You're done?" She smiled. Nodded. Tears filled her eyes, brimming at the surface. "That was quick! That's amazing. I can't believe how fast it was." More nods. I hugged her. "It's okay," I whispered.

"I know," she whispered back.

I held onto her, gently. She was fragile, yet strong. Stronger than I'd ever seen her. "You're amazing," I told her. She laughed softly.

"What'd you think of my mask?" she asked me, as we walked to the door. My turn to smile, a slight laugh.

"It's you, alright ..."

"I asked them if I could keep it when I'm done."

"What'd they say?" She shrugged. "Ah, you don't really need that. When you're done you'll be DONE. No mask to remind you. You'll know."

"I'll always know." She lifted her hand up to her neck. Touched it gently.

"Does it hurt?" She shook her head. "You sure?"

"Not so much. It's easier now." We sighed together. "They gave me lotion." I nodded. She looked so tired.

"Let's go home," I instructed. Silently we walked through the doors into the beautiful sunshine.

Cancer is a beast. But my mom? My mom is absolutely beautiful.

This post is in response to this week's prompt over at The Red Dress Club.


  1. OH that was gorgeous. Such a perfect use for the prompt. I hope your mom is doing well now.

  2. Trying a different way to comment...

    Great post. I was thinking about something similar for that prompt but didn't get it figured out in my head. Totally agree though - beautiful.

  3. She *IS* beautiful and so is the way you worked this prompt! I loved the dialogue and the picture at the end made me want to wrap you both in a big hug for your courage!

  4. That is just beautiful. She is such a courageous, beautiful woman! Great job.

  5. I remember when y'all went through this. What a moment to capture. Your mom is such a lovely lady. It was such a pleasure to meet her AND she's lucky to have you!

  6. What a sweet, loving tribute to your mom. Your post is almost as beautiful as she :-)

  7. Beautifully written. Such courage and love. You've clearly shown both in your writing.

    Stopping by from TRDC

  8. Cancer sucks. It makes me so angry. I'm glad to see everything went well with your Mom. What a great daughter you are.

  9. I love cancer survivor stories. They are refreshing after our own loss to cancer. Your mom is beautiful, and your story is too.

    --The Drama Mama

  10. As ugly as cancer can be, it manages to morphs itself into something beautiful for families.

  11. This is really beautiful.

    Visiting from TRDC

  12. your mom is SO beautiful! this put tears in my eyes. My FIL didn't survive cancer, and it makes me want to hug every single survivor. Like a grab and not let go kind of hug.

    This post was so simple and beautiful.

  13. What a bright, cheerful post.
    So full of love.

  14. What I liked most about this post was how much it told of the relationship you have with your mom. Until the very end I thought you were talking about a girlfriend.

    And the picture? Priceless.

    I hope she's okay.

  15. I love the pic! And you can hear your love for her.

  16. I'm so glad you you've been able to find such beauty even though your Mom has fought the Beast. That picture made me smile so HUGE!! :D

  17. What courage and love shining through every word of this post. I have chills, beautiful.

  18. I know this is a scary and heartfelt message, but you turned it into something that is truly beautiful. Great job. I admire yours and your mother's courage.

  19. Loved this. I kept reading because I was so curious as to who you were talking about and what was going on. I never guessed it was about your mother. The picture serves to further exemply her beauty and spirit!
    Terrific! I feel so moved right now...

  20. What a gorgeous tribute to a strong, beautiful woman from a strong, beautiful woman.

  21. How personal and beautiful to share! Loved it!


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