Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Nightstand ...

So I took this picture a week ago when I first saw my friend Mel's post about what she wanted us to capture THIS week for her new meme Capture the Everyday. And yes, I have seen a few of the nightstands shown from other bloggers, and MAN, I want to run and hide.

But instead, instead I am boosting my colors and showing you all what sits beside my bed each night. Is it any wonder I can't fall asleep? I mean, really now ...

But here you have it. My nightstand!

Yes, there are snotty tissues on there. And a Toy Story tissue box. Sorry. We were running low and I had to grab the box from the playroom.

And yes, if you think I like to play with naked fairy dolls, and a semi-naked Ariel, you are absolutely correct! Or, maybe they were hiding under my blankets, and I had to shove them onto the nightstand for fear of waking up with a barbie-sized foot in my eye.

Speaking of eyes, there is my old Vera Bradley glasses case. I have hairbands in there, as it is so overused it won't stay closed on it's own anymore. Also, because when I wake up one of the first things I do is pull my hair into a ponytail/bun. And the last thing I do? Pull the ponytail holder out so I can actually fall asleep.

My comb. Ah, my comb tends to disappear on me, so the fact that it was there last week means little if I were to look for it now. The brush is so old and the child enjoys using it, for herself, her fairies, Ariel, me, you name it - it has a new found purpose.

My alarm clock is so old it probably has gray hairs. Or it would. If it had hair.

And yes, that is a house phone. GASP! I know. But we have to have one. I won't let hubby move us totally to cell phones. The service in our house sucks often enough that I know I need to have another way to reach the outside world. Although Vonage may tick me off one more time and then we'll see what tune I'm singing then, I suppose.

Don't mind the ginger ale can. I was feeling kind of crappy the night before. All this stuffy-nosed-ness can cause enough yuck that I need something to settle me. Fun times.

Books, of course. You didn't expect me to NOT have some, right? I'm currently reading a few (crazy, I know) and one of them is People are Unappealing, Even Me; Sara Barron. That's the one you can see the cover of. The other one is The Pocket Therapist; Therese Borchard. I read it last year and finished it again last week. Love it. Love her. You should, too.

Lastly, a small, crocheted pumpkin. Yes, I love October so much I hold onto it even in March (so last week was February, but believe me, the pumpkin is still there). Or you can blame it on my kid. That's what I do. ;)

So, I'm sharing some of my inner sanctum with you all. Hope you enjoyed. And stop over to Mel's place for some much neater and cleaner and more organized views from the bedroom.


  1. My nightstand is nowhere near as interesting. PS the Barbies are hysterical.

  2. Awesome sharing. Loving your doll collection ;-)

    Here's what's on mine:
    a box of kleenex
    a water bottle
    a notebook with a pencil (for insomnia - when I have to write what's keeping me up down so I can let it go)
    always a book - right now it's The Birth House which I'm loving!

  3. My nightstand is typically hairbandapalooza along with little hair clips for the very same reason as you. I must have just been especially clean this week (HA!)

    This is such an excellent snapshop of you and your life. I have no judgments on observations. I just enjoy them!

  4. Fun meme! I have no idea what's on mine...Twilight books, phone charger, a lamp, and maybe some more books.

  5. I think my favorite ones have been the cluttered ones! Mine used to always be cluttered but since we moved our room is insanely small and I force myself to declutter the roome every single night for my sanity!

  6. Its such a great reflection of day to day life. Especially the barbies and the comb. I used to have a hairbrush on mine but then Bun decided he would like to chew on it and I just couldn't stand seeing him lick the hairs in it so it had to go.

  7. Wow! Your nightstand is full of excitement! I love it!

  8. Love this! What a great snapshot of your life. We're not into Barbies yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

  9. In another 6 months or so I think mine will be covered in Matchbox cars. Usually the kiddo leaves them on my husband's side of the bed, so I'm not forced to find a place for them...yet.

    Love it.

  10. My nightstand often has random toys on it too.

  11. I really enjoyed "People are Unappealing." Hope you're liking it! And thanks for the little sneak peek into your life. And I thought you could tell a lot about a person from her purse! This may trump that :)

  12. Haha- I think your nightstand wins for the most action-- the barbie collection is awesome! And what's with everyone and their tissues? I would have had a used tissue on mine if my dog didnt eat it!

  13. Dude I just cleared mine off and found a jelly bean hidden under a coaster...also a pair of racy unmentionables that got wedged in between the wall and the nightstand...luckily for my husband they were mine ;)

  14. Love all the toys! I, too, have a bunch of toys on my bed at any given day, and pony tail holders scattered every.where! Feel better! (Try taking some Zicam!)


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