Monday, November 29, 2010

We Reap What We Sow ...

Or Get What We Give. Karma's a b!tch. Or whatever the saying really is.

Seriously, lately I have been watching and listening to people in a different way. I watch as they roll their eyes, laugh at the expense of others and speak in whispers.
I sense their negativity, the tones they take with others when they speak, what they throw out into the universe. I fight hard to avoid it, and to be sure I don't absorb it.

We truly do reap what we sow, don't we? I have no idea exactly where that saying stems from, or if it's a religious saying that I probably shouldn't use, but the sentiment stays the same, in my opinion. I'm a true believer in Karma. I feel that what you throw out to the universe is what you get back. And if you haven't yet, no worries, my friend, you will.

Say someone is a Negative Nelly ALL. THE. TIME. The one time she decides to open up and be friendly she's probably going to find herself slighted. It may be intentional, it may not be, but sometimes it's just enough already, ya know? I mean, how many times can you offer things up to this person, or others, and have her come back and negate your efforts before you turn around and say, I'm done. I need to cut myself off from this person before I absorb what she gives off. Seriously. Sometimes we have to put ourselves first. In this situation that can certainly come into play.
So those out there who simply find nothing to celebrate and appreciate? I'm sending you all the happy vibes I can. Because until you change your outlook you're not going to get anything back but what you send out. I'm telling you -- trust me.

And what about you, you over there in the corner, hiding away from the rest of us and talking with your select few about everyone else? Yeah. I see you. I know I'm among those you've recently targeted. And you know what? I am done caring. I am. Others may care and may act a certain way around you because they fear they might become your next target. Me? Not so much. I couldn't care less. That means I don't care. Because what you're tossing out to the universe? It's beautiful, really (sense the sarcasm there?) and it'll make it's way back to you. So when you b!tch about all the things that go wrong in your life and complain about all the things that aren't going your way? I'll sit back with that smug, know-it-all kind of feeling, because, as I have mentioned, Karma is a b!tch sometimes. She knows all.

Now, as I write all of this out I realize it has taken on a bit more negativity than I anticipated. And it also seems like I'm throwing out some of that into my own universe. I'm trying not to, I promise. I really just have had this on my mind. Especially as the holidays draw near, and I watch people just going on and on and on about things, and never opening themselves up in a way that shows they're truly present. Truly there to be more than just visible, but to participate and become a part of what surrounds them.

Now - as the year comes to a close - which kind of person do you prefer to be? I know for me, as much as I gripe, I'm truly thankful and blessed with the life that I have. And although there are days I tell my husband it's time to take me out back, or trade me in for a younger model (believe me, I wish I could trade MYSELF in for a younger model some days!) because this hurts, or this has happened, I try to give what's best of me to others and try to maintain the positive outlook. It isn't easy, but nothing ever truly is, right?

'Tis the season and all that jazz ...


  1. What goes around definitely comes around. I try really hard to stay positive, and to have mostly positive people around me. I don't need any more drama or negativity in my life than I already have.

  2. I try to put out there what I want back. Treat others how I want to be treated.

    But, I know I'm cranky sometimes. ;)

  3. I think you get what you give so if you are positive, you'll get positive back.

    Now as for the karma, I have been waiting for it to kick my brother in his a%# for the life he's led and the harm he has caused, and he manages to come out unscathed year after year after year. Where's the justice?

  4. Karma is a bitch. I try to remember that and be more positive myself.

  5. When I see the damage my BFF's ex-husband has done to her life and the lives of their children, it makes it hard to believe in the what goes around comes around sentiment... For their sakes, I really hope he gets his.

  6. My natural tendency seems to be to whine and complain about the cr@p that's been thrown my way, but I make a concerted effort to look at things positively and not dwell... it is what it is, so you deal and enjoy the good stuff AND you surround yourself with people that positive and good and sometimes that means you have to "try on" a few people before you find out what they're really all about.

    Like others, I try to reap what I sow, which means sowing only the good stuff!

  7. I try really hard to step away from convos that only involve gossip...I try to picture myself as the person being talked about and how hurt I'd be.
    People can be cruel. Just because we are adults doesn't mean that we all act like it.


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